Network Storage and Aperture issue


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Aug 6, 2008
So I had all my photos on a external USB. I was running out of space, so I opted for Western Digital My Book Live Network Hard Drive when I decided to go bigger.

I have sort of regretted that decision for many reasons, but one of the issues I am having is in Aperture.

I used the "Relocate Masters" command in Aperture to move all my photos over to the network storage. This, BTW did not work as hot as I would have liked (messed up by folder structure), but that is not the issue I have. Since I did this, every time I open Aperture, it cannot find the reference files. I have to use the "Locate Referenced Files" command in order for Aperture to link the files so I can edit them.

The volume is available in Finder. I can access the photos from there no problem. When I open the "Locate Referenced Files" window, on the top part, left column where it lists the volumes, the volume the photos are on says "Offline", but below, where you can choose the location of the files, the volume is listed just fine. I can proceed to choose the location of the photos and Aperture works fine again.

If I import files and have Aperture put the photos on the NAS, it has no problem. It's when I exit and open it again does it seem to loose the connection.

Anyone have any ideas what is going on? Thanks.
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gustaf l

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Mar 19, 2012
Happened to me too

Spent most of the weekend to move my masters to a Synology DiskStation. Everything worked well. Today, after being off the network for a while, when I reconnected all my masters are offline although the Synology drive is back online.

Updated to 3.2.3 yesterday...


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Aug 9, 2009
Portland, OR
Personally, I would not use a NAS for my A3 library, or as a place for any referenced masters.

I have no idea how well a NAS would work... but my avoidance of a NAS has to do with my backup strategy. Neither of my two backup programs (Time Machine and Crashplan+) are good at backing up NAS drives. I would not want to re-do my entire backup strategy solely for having primary data on a NAS. This is especially true for photos, which is my most important irreplaceable data.

Secondly, NAS solutions are best when used to share data across several computers. An A3 library, or its referenced masters are not really meant to be shared.

Bottom line: For the way I use A3... I would use some type of Direct Attached Storage (DAS) vs a NAS.




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Aug 6, 2008
Thanks for the replies.

I am strongly thinking about putting my photos back onto my USB. It is only a 500gb though, so space will be getting tight fairly fast. After buying the 3Tb NAS, it's hard for me to justify buying ANOTHER external. But we shall see.

One of the reasons I went with a NAS is because my wife accesses the pictures too (just to look at or share with family and friends). She has a PC, the USB HD was connected to my Mac, but two didin't always stay connected. It was becoming a pain. That said, this NAS situation isn't really a walk in the park either. In general, I have not been that pleased.

Backing up with Time Machine to the NAS has not really been too much of an issue though. Took awhile the first time, but after that it ran ok.