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    On occasion I'm called on to do some network support. I want to abandon using a MBP in favor of an iPad in my daily workflow. But the problem is that without a way to have a wired connection to the network I'd be unable to do some essential router setup and troubleshooting. Has anyone discovered a workaround?

    A possible solution is a connector port to USB dongle connected to a USB to Ethernet adaptor. Note: I'm aware that this would not give me Internet access. I don't care about connecting out. I'm only interested in connecting to the routers and other devices on a network through a wired connection.
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    AFAIK connecting wired is simply out of the question.

    I don't know if this would work but it sure is the best bet. If you bring an Airport Express, already setup at home, you can connect it to the router you want to setup and stick it in a wall outlet, then your iPad can connect to it (automatically if you want) and you can do your dirty work :)

    I think an Airport express is like $99, not expensive, but its a bit money for this soul purpose. But hey, you can use it for a lot of cool stuff at home too :p

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    If you Jailbreak you can also install a lot of nice tools like nmap and other networking tools, such as ping and telnet, and ssh, and tons more. And you get access to them via MobileTerminal, an awesome terminal emulator for iOS.
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    Feb 26, 2011
    Thank you for the suggestion. Has anybody tried this solution?
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    Depends, in a business environment you could generate issues, by bringing your own access point and connecting it.

    If you are managing your own network it can work, if everything is setup to pull a lease. Not all networks will be configure that way. Without knowing more about the networks you are called upon to support, it is impossible to answer. :( personally I would be unwilling to depend on this solution in a business environment, especially where security is a concern.
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    Mar 25, 2011
    Unless you want to mod your ipad with an ethernet port guess u best stick with ur laptop

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