Network two imac with Parallels 11 and El Cap

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    Help needed from networking experts!

    We have an annoying intermittent wireless network connection problem with two iMacs (iMac 1 -'Master' and iMac 2 'Slave' running El Cap and Windows 7 in Parallels 11 pvm

    Sometimes they connect in Parallels sometime not - its flakey.
    Password on both Windows 7 pvm are disabled in network settings (both imacs)

    No password login on windows 7 pvm (both iMacs)

    Have done this -

    Start\Run or Command Prompt and enter "control userpasswords2" without explanation
    On the Users tab, clear the Users Must Enter A User Name And Password To Use This
    Computer check box and then
    click OK.

    Connection can be made on the mac side (usually).
    1st question how can the mac to mac side be permanent? - it seems to lose it with reboots
    Homegroup has been setup on iMac two with a shared folder "Steph's folder"

    The error when double clicking on iMac 2 a shortcut to "Steph's folder" the shared older (this folder is located on Windows 7 pvm on iMac 1)


    This is a screenshot on iMac2 in W7 pvm "Steph's folder" the folder we want to access in visible but on double click on the shortcut to "Steph's folder" the 2nd screenshot above appears - but we dont have a password setup on the W7 pvm!!


    Both iMacs bought new 2015
    Both iMacs running up to date macOS and uptodate W7
    Both iMac have Norton 2.0 on W7 pvm
    Both running Parallels 11
    Time Capsule is our "modem" / connection devise

    Any help appreciated as its a total mystery and very annoying

    Thanks in advance

    both imac are now "talking" with -
    on iMac 2
    on iMac 1

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    The key is Norton! Try it without Norton running and see if it works correctly!

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