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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by rexone, Nov 9, 2013.

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    Hi all,

    Wasn't quite sure where to put this one so here it is...
    I need to do two things - keep track of the downloads across our home network & monitor who is using it.
    I'll explain why... We are 9 days into our present monthly billing cycle & our ISP has let us know we have used 50% of our 120Gb monthly download allowance.
    This is total and utter nonsense.
    20Gb I would believe but 60Gb? Absolutely no chance.
    Our ISP refuses to provide any detail on downloads beyond volumes as they say 'we respect your privacy & do not monitor your download source volumes'. That’s kind of nice to know but also is very convenient for them.
    Anyway I suspect either a) - they are diddling me or b) - someone is leaching off our network (or c) – a combo of both…)
    Our configuration is cable modem to TimeCapsule. Computers are connected to the TC by Ethernet (as is the Apple TV). TC WiFi is switched on for our iPhones etc to use and is set to be a hidden network (need to know its name to see) and has a reasonably secure password set in WPA2 security setting.
    What I want to be able to do is see the download volume through the TC (router) and check who is connected to the network to make sure no one outside our place is using it.
    I’m not a super tech type so need to keep it reasonably simple. Any ideas?
    I found iNet in the App Store and I’m not sure if it will help
    Anyone have any software suggestions or anything that’s already inbuilt in the OS (Mavericks) that may help?

    Thanks in advance.
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    This app can monitor total traffic over your TC. It does not work with the new, tower shaped TC, but will work with the older pancake shaped one.
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    SurplusMeter. It's free and it works. But it counts how much you're using from your Mac, not from the router. Only enterprise level routers offer that kind of data. Unless you want to set up a Smoothwall firewall in your house and rewire your network, you won't get that kind of information.

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