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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by Killerbob, Mar 20, 2013.

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    I have an issue which I am about ready to throw the towel on. I'll try to outline my network setup:

    I have an ADSL modem, provided by my ISP, a PACE modem. The wall connects to it, and it connects to my Time Capsule #1. My NAS #1 and my Mac Pro are also connected to my Time Capsule #1, which also provides WiFi services (incl. 5GHz).

    Also connected to my Time Capsule #1 is Time Capsule #2, which also provides network access for my printer and NAS #2.

    Finally I have an Airport Extreme which is connected via an extended WiFi connection.

    DHCP and NAT (including IP reservations) services are provided by my ADSL modem, and the Time Capsules #1 and #2 are setup in Bridge mode.

    This all has been working fine for a long time, but suddenly I started seeing drops on the ADSL connection. It is very intermittent, not repeatable on command, but basically internet stops working, and the ADSL connection resets, and then works fine for a while.

    I talked to the ISP, who since then have checked all my connections to the house, as well as to the plug in the wall. They have replaced the Pace modem, and now claim it must be my setup. hence I have tried a number of things:

    1) I moved the DHCP and NAT functions to my Time Capsule #1, with the ADSL modem connecting to it via the WAN connection - but I still experienced dropouts.

    2) I switched off Time Capsule #2 and the Airport Extreme, so it was only the Pace modem, Time Capsule #1, my Mac Pro, and my NAS running - but I still experienced dropouts.

    3) I turned off WiFi (in addition to 2), and I still had dropouts.

    Now to my question (thanks for sticking with this thus far): Is it possible that it is something in my setup which is causing the ADSL dropouts? When the setup is such that the Pace modem is merely providing internet connectivity to the WAN port on Time Capsule #1, is it not pretty much impossible for my internal network to affect the modem?

    And, has anyone tried this, and have a fix?
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    Apr 29, 2011
    There's one further test that will isolate the modem as the cause. Just connect one of your Macs by LAN to the modem and connect via that. If that is intermittent, then it's the modem.

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