Networked Computer Right Click Issue

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    Mar 16, 2008
    Here's an interesting one for you,

    I work in a server 2008 R2 domain and yesterday I extended the schema and added a snow leopard server to manage Mac clients using workgroup manager.

    I am a domain admin, my account has all privileges on both mac and P.C. and in workgroup manager I am yet to apply any polices to any of the groups of which I am a member.

    However, since I installed the mac OS X server on my mac workstation on my NETWORKED account, my right click on my magic mouse doesn't work.

    I have checked system prefs, batteries etc. It has to be a networked account issue as when I login using the local admin account the mouse works fine. It should be noted that it was also working fine on my network account before I extended the AD schema.


    Any suggestions/solutions?

    Thanks guys

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