Networking: Airport Extreme Router Mode slow compared to Bridge Mode

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by jmelrose, Dec 24, 2014.

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    I am just had a 1Gbps fiber connection wired to my home which forced me to move to a partially wired network to take advantage of the speed now available to me.

    I had this layout initially:

    Modem ---> Airport Extreme (5th Gen) in Bridge Mode, Wi-Fi OFF.

    From there it went to my computer, an Airport Extreme (current model), and an AT&T microcell.

    From the current model Airport Extreme (current mode) it was wired to my Xbox and Apple TV, and wirelessly connected to a third base station to extend the network and connect to a printer. It also was wi-fi access for the house.

    My speeds connected to the Airport Extreme were about 900Mbps from my computer.

    However, I could not connect to the printer (through Bonjour or IP address). I also couldn't connect to the Apple TV. I assume it was because my computer was outside "the wall" and all those things, connected to the AE (current) were protected behind it. I had to switch to the wireless network to use those things.

    YESTERDAY I had to deal with an issue with my ISP and I did some refiguring of the network. The new, current, layout:

    Modem ---> Wired 5th Gen Airport Extreme in ROUTER mode.

    Airport Extreme current generation is now in Bridge model.

    The upside is now I can talk to everything else in the house over ethernet OR or Wi-Fi

    The downside is that now I can only get a Max speed of 300-ish Mbps. When I plug directly into the router, I get 900Mbps, so the issue is clearly something going on in the Airport Extreme. Since it was giving my 900Mbps when in Bridge mode, it seems the AE's issue is software and not a hardware one.

    Anyone have any input or experience with an issue like this that can offer me a suggestion either as to how to set up the network, how to set up the initial AE, or a piece of hardware that is better suited for the task of specifically being a high speed wired-only router?

    Thanks and happy holidays!
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    Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! I would do some reconfiguring of the way that the network is set up. I would have the modem get connected to the newest AirPort Extreme and run it in DHCP & NAT mode. The modem should be in Bridge Mode and pass the public IP address to the Extreme. Then, from the new Extreme, you can connect the AT&T MicroCell and the older Extreme as well as the AP.

    I run a network at school with 150+ clients over AirPorts. I can tell you that running double NAT will cause these issues as could running a double layer 2 bridge.

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