Networking Help: Multiple Airports Causing Streaming Issues

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by taylord22, Dec 31, 2013.

  1. taylord22, Dec 31, 2013
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    I've got two airports in range of my Apple TV. One is my base station, the other is connected to an Ethernet switch which currently passes Internet to several other device.

    My problem is that the airport express is causing streaming issues, as the Apple TV almost always defaults to using it vs my new gen express. Is there a way to force my AppleTV to always be a client of my express, or a way to set up the airport so that it will simply receive the internet and distribute to my Ethernet switch (basically a setting for making it a receiver vs and access point?)
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    Draw a diagram. Clarify new and old station and how they are set up.

    You can setup the AE station to not allow your AppleTV access.
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    I've drawn a diagram. Let me know if there's any further information I can provide!

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    I guess 1 is where the internet comes in?

    a) find the best channel:

    b) See if you can go without the express, as the extreme have stronger signal.
    Disconnect 2, and see if 4 can connect to 1.
    If yes, connect ethernet from 1 to 3, and remove 2 (the Airport Express).

    c) Try using a long ethernet cable so you can place 1 closest to your second floor AE.

    At my house I use two Airport Extreme.
    Internet -wired> Extreme in basement
    wireless to Extreme in second floor

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    If you're going to use an APE as an AEBS extender don't do it over WiFi, it'll be very slow.
    The correct way is wired Ethernet (yes it's a pain to run but worth it) directly from the Ethernet port on the AEBS to the WAN port on the APE. The only other way and it's not as good is using a pair of high speed Ethernet over power adapters.

    OR use a pair of high speed Ethernet over power adapters directly from the AEBS to the ATV. Stationary devices should always be wired Ethernet IMHO.

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