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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by thankins, Feb 26, 2009.

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    Oct 25, 2007
    Good Morning all,

    Hopefully you guys can lend me a hand in a few problems I am having.

    I currently have two AEBS at my home. AEBS1 is connected to my cable modem and is my wireless AP in 5 ghz N-Mode. AEBS2 is about 30 feet away from it connected to my 360, AppleTV, and DVR. It is set to extended AEBS1 wireless signal, so no ethernet cable is ran between the two AEBSs. I have went into the settings and disabled "Allow Wireless clients" so basically AEBS2 is just transmitting the data from the devices connected to it to AEBS1

    This works great and all but I have noticed that my transfer speeds between my MacBook and MBA are EXTREMELY SLOW. It is roughly around .5 megs every 5 seconds or so. I don't think this is normal speeds.

    I have no other devices connected to my wireless so have ruled out that as a problem.

    My question is would this be caused by AEBS2 communicating with AEBS1 if someone is playing 360 or something? Would it be a better setup to completely disable the wireless features on AEBS2 and just run a long ethernet cable between the two AEBS? Would I notice a speed increase then?

    My second question is that I have connected a cheap g router to one of the ports on AEBS1 so that our iPhones can have wireless. I disabled DHCP on the router. Would this setup in essence allow the on the iPhone to control my Macs and Apple TV that are on the N - Network?

    I appreciate your help and hopefully didn't confuse you so much!
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    May 27, 2008
    try setting the second unit to "join" instead of extend. I don't have an extreme, so i can't check to see if that's an option. but it should speed you up.

    also keep in mind 5ghz signals don't go through things well. In the same room as my base i might get 5-6 MB/s, and in the living room (though 3 walls) i'll get 2-3 MB/s. it also depends on the construction of the house. and the angle that the signal is going through the wall.
    My speeds are from a wireless client to something on the wired side. Since you're going from wireless to wireless, you'll probably see slower speeds.
    I also have a couple places in my house where i get a better G signal, even though that base is further away. (I have 2 wireless networks, a G and a N)

    to check speeds, open activity monitor, there is a network tab where you can see current and peek speeds.

    a good G signal is faster than most home internet connections. so you shouldn't see a slowdown in the internet on a N network from someone else using the internet connection. Although you will probably see a hit in file transfers that are entirely on your local network.

    as far as the second question, depends on the router and the options available, if the iPhones are getting their IP from the extreme, then yes it should work.

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