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    My cable company recently gave me a Ubee modem/router. And I've got an Airport Extreme. I can't seem to figure out how to get the AE to speak with the router.

    First question, though: I'm using Time Machine to back up to a WD external drive. Does Time Machine have to go through an Airport, or can I plug the WD into the usb port of the Ubee and just do away with my Airport? (I did try this, and Time Machine didn't work without the Airport.)

    Second: I thought there was a utility for setting up a network, but when I go to network utility or airport utility I don't see anything that allows me to get the two routers to speak. Or maybe I'm just more confused than I realize. Any help?

    Third: If I don't need the Airport Extreme for backups, can it be used to extend the range of a router? That is, at my parents' house, they have a Linksys router in one room. They don't get very good wireless upstairs. Is there a way to use the Airport Extreme upstairs to have it pick up and amplify the signal from the Linksys? (I'm pretty sure there are other gizmos that do this, but if I've got an extra AE . . . .)

    Thanks in advance.
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    When you say that the Ubee and the AE don't talk to each other - what do you mean?

    I have a Ubee from TWC, that has been placed in bridge mode and is connected to the WAN port on my AE. To show it in cryptic ASCII art:

    cable_tv ---> Ubee ---> AE WAN Port

    The Ubee should talk to the AE just fine, in that it should pass data to the AE and vice versa. Depending on the model Ubee router, you might end up with a double NAT situation where you need to place the Ubee in bridge mode. This is not an option on the firmware on my Ubee without typing a special web address into a computer to pull up a config page. You should be able to google UBEE, and the model number and bridge mode to get it set. You want to turn the wireless on the Ubee off too...

    First - no the Ubee will not support time machine

    Second - the Ubee is configured through a webpage that you type into your web browser after connecting tot he modem. its probably The apple config app is just for apple products.

    Thrid - you need the AE, and generally my understanding is that the apple routers can extend other apple routers but cant extend other manufacturers.

    Hope this helps!

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