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    Feb 1, 2003
    I have two questions , first is i have a router connecting my g4 powermac , a pc and a new ibook. I can get all there music through itunes little network but when i turn on file sharing i select go network in finder and i see there computers names with the network icon. I go to click it and it aks for a pssword. I try my password and no go and there password and no go. i dont remember setting a password ever for file sharing. How do we select folders or give each other access to the computers. Second question is i have stuffit deluxe and whenever i go to .tar .sitx .sit or zip a file it never compresses it . i thought that sit or zip was a compression format, what do i do to compress a file. thanks for the help.
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    To your first question:
    The user name and password you use to log in, is the same as were you to log in, at that computer locally.
    To give each other access you need to create accounts for yourselves on those computers, and to give permission to view each others files you need to
    1) select the folder/file you want them to view.
    2) Go to File->Get Info, and set the correct permissions. Remember to click "Apple to enclosed items...".
    3) Make sure the other user has at least the permission to read any folder higher in the directory structure.

    Or you could drag all the files you want to share into the "Public" folder in your home directory, then other people can log in as "Guest" and view those files.

    For your second question:
    Find the drag-and-drop application "Stuffit Expander", place it into your Dock, now when you want to un-zip, un-stuff... a file just drag it on top of "Stuffit Expander" in the Dock, and it will expand the file to the current location of the file.

    Hope this has been of assistance to you.
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    As far as compression goes, there are two ways to do it:

    The first method is to launch StuffIt, select the type of compression you want, and drag the files/folders you want compressed to the window that says "drag items here" (if you've turned it on in the preferences - it's on by default).

    The second method is to turn on AAVR (Automatic Archive Via Rename) in StuffIt Deluxe's preferences (I don't know if I have the name 100% right). Once that's done, renaming a file (from stuff.txt to stuff.sitx, for example) causes StuffIt to automatically compress the file according to the extension you used (for the example, a StuffIt X archive of stuff.txt would be automatically created for you).
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    Feb 1, 2003
    thanx wizard i will try that compression method , as far as the network goes i selected a file but it says ownership and persmissions you can read write, if i swith it to read only that means me the admin of the computer will only be able to read do i need to do this in sys pref or something , second i do click "go" in finder and connect to network and i put the computers password in that im trying to get into and it says the alias "fryguy" cannot be opened becasue the item cannot be found?
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    Feb 1, 2003
    this is getting annoying i click go and it says connect to my brothers comptuer it says his name i type in his password to his comptuer and it says incorrect password
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    This is off-topic, but you may have better success getting help with better spelling, punctuation and spacing :cool: .

    Speaking for myself only, I gave up reading the question because it was too hard to read.
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    people get so caried away with that who cares its short writting online to get a questions out , i mean sorry if your gonna cry about and you can't read it . hahaha

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