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Mar 4, 2005
so heres one for ya;
i have a modded xbox that i network with my mac. i usually had it set up like so:
modem to router
router to pc(Room mates), router to switch.
switch to xbox, switch to powerbook.
all cat5 +6.
my computer and xbox both got internet wile being able to network with eachother.
the reason i used the switch is because i would normaly need a crossover to network them (for ftping and tunelling software used to connect me to other xbox geeks so we can pick our noses and play halo online for free). but i wouldnt have internet acsess at the same time(on my xbox and mac) without it [switch].

i moved. and i upgraded powerbooks to one with airport. i got an airport xpress base station as well.
airport xpress doesnt have physical eathernet ports out, like the more popular "airport xtream base station" does. it onely has a wireless signal.

i have it set up now like so:
modem to router.
router to pc, router to airport, router to ....?

i wired a cat6 to my room though the wall (the modem is in another room). and i have my switch ready to go. i know if i plug in my laptop to the switch and my xbox into the switch that everything will work fine.
i want to utilize my airport equipt powerbook.
i want to set it up so my mac can be anywere in the house, be online, and still be able to comunicate with the xbox (crossover syle). wile the xbox is online.

whats up guys, can it work?
i think so, i just dont want to go mess around with it and get really frustrated untill i know its posable. well, not if ii dont have to.


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Nov 7, 2003
well first off, what you don't know is new network equipment comes with auto-cable sensing technology that will adjust for cross-over vs patch which should look into.

the answer to the question is you can connect to more than one network on a powerbook at the same time.


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Nov 8, 2003
THe problem is you have two DHCP servers when you have the router and Airport Express hooked up. You have to set up the Airport Express as an access point and have it NOT dish out IP's. I think it is supposed to be set as a remote Base Station getting it's internet through ethernet. Try that out.


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Mar 4, 2005
thanx calvinatir. that was exactly my problem and turning my airport xpress into a simple access point solved more that one delema!
from all my research and growing knowledge of networking i can say one ip is better than two. its like having two parents telling you two different things when you were a kid. its funny how simular computers are to humans some times.
or maybe its just funny i spend to much time on them and i feal i have to relate.