Netwrok setup in Jaguar.

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    Oct 4, 2004
    I know this is somewhere here in the forum, but I've been looking for a while and I can't find anything about this specifically. So here:

    I just bought a Linksys broadband router (It works for Mac but doesn't specifically* work for mac if you know what I mean). Because of this I have no idea how to set up a network between my two Macs. Naturally I plugged my modem into the router and then the router into my G4 (My G5 has the wireless card), I suddenly cant connect to the internet.
    The router btw has wired* and wireless networking. Now I'm guessing this is because I haven't set up... my network options in control panel?
    If so how do I set it up?! (And what information do i need to do so)

    Thx for anything you can provide.
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    Oct 11, 2004
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    Well, first things first:
    Get out your Linksys manual, or
    depending on your model

    Get out your ISP's connection instructions.

    The reason the Internet stopped working is that your Mac is set to get its information from the ISP's modem. Now the Linksys is standing between the Mac and the Cable or DSL modem.

    The Linksys has established a unique network, separate from the Internet, inside your home, with IP addresses for each machine. You need to tell the Mac to listen to the Linksys as the gateway to the 'Net.

    Use your web browser to go to the Linksys's administration settings (these are on a web page built into the linksys router itself, NOT at
    The Linksys manual will give you the internal address, something like, and the default password.

    In the Linksys administration pages, set the Linksys to serve DHCP to your Macs. (DHCP - Enable) Set it appropriately for connection on the WAN (your ISP), probably to accept DHCP from the ISP, which is the default. Refer to your manuals for specifics.

    NOTE: Some ISPs have specific setup requirements, and some may actuslly have to adjust their settings because you have a new device on the modem with a different hardware address. A call to their help line should sort this for you.

    Set your Macintoshes to Configure Using: DHCP Network preferences TCP/IP tab. Make sure the modem is on. Turn off the Linksys and back on again. Restart your Macs.

    You should now be able to get on the Internet.

    If this does not work yet, you can enter this same Linksys IP number as the Gateway address in your Macs' Network preferences TCP/IP tab and manually enter the DNS server IP number provided by your ISP. They can help you with this setup.

    Networking Mac to Mac doesn't have anything to do with the Internet capabilities of the Linksys: This is using the router simply as a hub.

    0) Plug your two machines into ports 2 and 3 of the router with Ethernet cables

    1) turn Appletalk on on both machines, System Preferences:Network: Built In Ethernet: Appletalk on the G4 (thats under 10.2.8, may be slightly different under 10.3.x)

    2) Before your Macs will see anything, you have to turn on File Sharing (System Preferences:Sharing: Personal File Sharing)

    3) Choose a folder on each machine and go to Get Info: Ownership and Permissions, and grant read and write access to everyone (this is insecure but we're just testing here)

    4) Connect to the other machine as a Guest (Command-K, Browse) If you can see the name of the other machine, then you know your networking is working.

    Setting up the Airport card for wireless to the Linksys I am not going to cover here. You can do it with TCP/IP based networking, but not Appletalk.

    "At this time, Linksys Wireless Access Points/Wireless Routers do not support Apple talk wirelessly. All Macintosh computers that are AirPort equipped or AirPort ready, are capable of using TCP/IP networking. The WAP11 will support TCP/IP networking of AirPort equipped Macintosh computers.."

    Lastly, in the Linksys administrative page change the Linksys administrative password but WRITE IT DOWN in the Linksys manual so you can use it two years from now when you have forgotten.

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    Oct 4, 2004
    How exactly do I get to Linsky's administration settings? And thanks for the manual, for some reason I dont think I got one.. might have been one of the reasons I was having trouble ;)

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