neu lion downloader?


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Mar 5, 2014
Are there free net lion downloader programs out there? I have come across a few links but they all say they'll take me to genio which I do not trust at all. I don't mind paying if I have to but since the youtube ones are all free I'm wondering if maybe I'm just not looking in the right place.

Thanks in advance and please be detailed. I am not tech savvy.

Sorry. Typo or spellcheck error changed NEU to NET originally.
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Jan 23, 2005
From their web site here, it looks like you can use Firefox with Flash to view their material.

Minimum Mac Requirements
Intel Core Duo 1.83GHz or faster processor with a minimum of 512MB of memory
Mac OS X 10.4.8+
Macromedia Flash Player:
Firefox 3 or above:
Internet connection bandwidth: 750 kbps (DSL/Cable or higher) minimum, or higher recommended.
Free hard disk space: 300 MB
Video adapter and monitor: Super VGA (1024x768) or higher.