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    ** Never miss a birthday of your families and friends **
    Did you ever always forgot your families or friends' birthday? Just take easy, birthday reminder is the app that will help you out. You can easily to add a contract or sync your friends birthday from Contact book or Facebook. All of things we have done, just care about the reminder. You also can set the ahead time of reminder, you can prepare a present for your family or friend.

    Birthday Reminder will remind you never forget a birthday about your friends and family.

    ** Import data from Facebook and contact **
    You can import all your friends and family's birthdays from Facebook and local contact, not input one by one

    ** Setting for each Contact**
    - You can enable or disable notification per each contact.
    - Configure the sound and alert time per each contact.

    ** Add birthday **
    Add a birthday by yourself if you wanted

    ** Reminder date **
    You can configure the reminder date on the date of birthday or 1, 2, 3 days before

    ** Notification sound **
    There will be many special sounds you can select as the remind sound.

    ** Happy birthday **
    Send a celebrate email or phone call if you wanted.

    ** Notify like calendar, no need to open app **
    We use iOS4's new feature "Local notification" to implement all of push function, so that have perfect perfermance.

    ** Remind or Not up to you **
    You can open or close push function. when you close push notification, you will not receive any birthday notification until you open again.

    I have experienced many birthday alert applications, but I found sometimes I can't receive notification or not very smart, so I make this application use iOS4's new feature
    and have more custom settings for user.
    This application is not only simple but also useful and powerful, you needn't launch application except you want to add a friend birthday or give a celebrate to your friend.
    Let's enjoy it.

    The Link: Birthday Reminder
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    Birthday Reminder 2.6 will be coming soon.
    1. Add more birthday cards.
    2. bugs fixing.

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