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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Adokimus, Feb 21, 2008.

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    Quick question about the Migration Assistant. I was planning to buy Adobe CS3, but with my student discount I only get one user account. If I load it on one computer, will the migration assistant transfer it to my next mac (I'm in the "saving up" for the next MBP mode) or will I need to buy another copy? I am the only user, but I want to use it on two computers. That and my student discount will expire when I graduate in May, so if I need two copies I need to buy them now.

    Also, side question: If I use bootcamp, are the windows files, programs and settings also able to be transferred with the Migration Assistant?

    Thanks, I tried using the Apple support page but to no avail.


    P.S. - wasn't sure which thread to use, but I plan to do this on a MBP, so here we are.
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    You'd have to check with Adobe or another user about the migration of the license, but it should transfer over transparently. Then again, we're talking about Adobe.

    Nothing from the BC partition will migrate over with Migration Assistant. Use Winclone, make a new BC partition on the new machine, and restore the Windows stuff to there. I just did a resizing of my BC partition using Winclone as the backup method, and it's perfect (better than Ghost!)
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    MA will move everything over that you ask it to without disturbing the original volume. That is, your install of CS3 will now be on both machines.

    Obviously there are licensing and legal issues here, but the intent of MA is for you to migrate (not copy!) to a new machine, with the intent that you'll be nuking the old one, or at least removing software that is not licensed on it any longer.

    As for BootCamp, that's a good question. I don't know because I have never done a migration with MA on a machine that had BootCamp installed. I would be interested to know what you find out.

    I am going to an Apple dual boot deployment seminar for enterprise customers next week - I'll have to ask about this when I go...

    You might want to post in the "Windows on a Mac" forum and see if anyone there knows.

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    The last time I used the migration assistant the only thing I had a problem with was Missing Sync for my old Treo, Photoshop (and iWork, Office, etc) moved over with no problems. :D

    Don't know about BC though, sorry.

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