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Nov 12, 2015
I am sorry about your loss. However, I know it’s not my space, but perhaps maybe keep the phone in memory and honor of your father rather than trading it in for cash or recycling...

Clix Pix

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I did that when a dear friend unexpectedly passed away. Her family gave me her iPhone and her computer; the iPhone was pretty old by that point but definitely had sentimental value for me -- many conversations we had when she was using that iPhone!. So now, "just because," it is still stashed in the same drawer as my first-generation iPhone and a couple of other iPhones that I have kept. The computer, also replete with memories, I eventually wiped, reinstalling the current OS at that time and then gave to a good mutual friend who was in need of a computer and who also had some good memories of our friend as well, and that worked out nicely. Our friend would have approved of that. A few years later, that computer is still in use today.....


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May 24, 2018
Dad died last week, got his 128 GB iPhone Xr reformatted and turned off Find My and signed out of iCloud.

Got death certificate and canceled service with T-mobile. Found out my dad still owed $499 on it so naturally the device is locked. At $499 owed, it's obviously not worth paying off and selling.

T-mobile said the $499 is a write off on their end, and in fact they do NOT want me to return it to them (I offered and figured that's what I'd need to do, which is fair). They want nothing to do with it and told me I can keep it as an iPod/wifi device, but from a cell service standpoint it's basically bricked. I asked if I could do the free recycle at Apple and they said go ahead.

So actually, if I'm trading it in to Apple, they are the original manufacturer and they are going to disassemble it completely and refurbish it, so does it even matter that it's bricked on T-mobile's end? It's worth a $350 gift card if not.

Again I plan to recycle it for free, but T-mobile said do what you want with it, don't give it back to us, and Apple's refurbishment process likely overrides/eliminates any past bricked would Apple actually maybe still give a gift card in this situation?
I think Apple will take it back. Maybe just take it in and explain the situation. I bet they will take the trade in.

My condolence to you and your family.
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