New 12" = Backlit Keyboard?


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Mar 6, 2002
Hi all,
I ordered a 12" PB on Monday, and I noticed that the order status page indicates a backlit keyboard:

BkLit Keyboard/Mac OS 065-5393

This is in contrast to a previous PB order made on the 16th for the previous generation:

Keyboard/Mac OS 065-5059

Anyone heard anything about this? If it turns out not to be an error, I'll be very happy! I've looked all over Apple's site, and I can't find mention of it anywhere. The specifications page for the Powerbook line still indicates a standard, non-backlit keyboard. Strange.


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Jul 22, 2004
A little while after the update...

A little while after the update I remeber reading backlight keyboards across the board...Now its changed..maby im out of my mind and saw wrong..but i was so sure..hmm

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