New 27" arrives, old 24" burns

Discussion in 'iMac' started by C62008, Jan 13, 2013.

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    I received my BOD new 27" iMac a few weeks ago and it's been very impressive. It's terrific in every way except for the disappointing Fusion drive (but this will be the one and only FD I will ever own, sort of like the neighbour's homely daughter was a step up from right-handing it but once you move off the block you'll never spend another afternoon doing that again).

    Anyway, the day after my 27" arrives, the screen on my late 2008 24" starts flashing and then blackness. So, while I boxed up my iPhone 5 to ship back to Apple due to a malfunctioning camera, I considered my options for my backup Mac.

    The local Mac specialty store is a particularly snobby, unpleasant place so I took it to Best Buy. The tech was awesome. He immediately disassembled my iMac right in front of me and confirmed what he suspected: the power supply board was mottled with large hard white patches. The tech said this was from either excessive heat or a power surge. Now, since both my 27" and 24" were powered up and plugged into a UPS at the time I think it's the excessive heat that's responsible.

    First, my question: the tech said it's about $600 to fix the power supply board. He warned that he had had two others just like mine come in this week already and that typically when the power supply circuitry fails damage of some sort also occurs elsewhere, generally the very expensive motherboard. The screen is getting dull, the hard drive is probably on its last spins, and although the case is still shiny and absolutely new looking, there's no way to justify fixing this thing. Does this sound reasonable or are there really really cheap alternatives?

    Secondly, regarding a recent poster wondering if buying a used iMac was a good idea, no, it's a retarded idea.

    Thirdly, let me add my thoughts to the ongoing discussion regarding Apple and its pursuit of thinness over function. This is absolutely dastardly. There is not the slightest value to me at all of my 27" being thinner and weighing less. What would have been of value would be to make it a 1/2 deeper, not shallower. Just in case you haven't seen one of these aluminum iMacs come apart, there was almost zero space around the circuit board that fried. Almost none. Why, just so iMacs can look cool in Hollywood movies so Apple can promote their 'style'? I'd rather have a computer that really was cool and one that I had confidence in lasting. As it is now, I look at my new 27" and wonder how many months it has before it goes up in smoke. Let me guess, 13 months.
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    As the date for the Apple Store finally taking pre-orders approached, I was incensed that Apple had removed the optical drive from the iMac and I laughed at the new design.

    Then I read someone's post, pointing out that the savings in weight, packaging, and shipping costs/fuel/room when amortized over the life of the series and total units shipped made a HUGE impact upon the projected carbon footprint created by this product.

    Suddenly, I was perfectly okay with the idea of an external optical drive when I need one. :)
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    stop right there, do not take it to best buy!
    the white spots on the PSU are not a problem!

    $600 is way too much for a Genuine Apple PSU!!

    most likely its a cheap inverter board fix.

    HIghly recommend taking it to an apple authorized store.

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