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    Apr 12, 2009

    I have a brand new 3Gs, i put it off for as long as possible but finally gave in :eek:
    mainly because i got a good plan and i got a new mac... so the idea is to tether it for internet and no longer be cooped up at home.

    Here's the problem, on my present plan i am allowed only 1000mb per month, not too much but i figure enough for me to browse the "help docs" and check mail as needed... BUT, how do i keep track of how much i have used? is there somewhere i can find out on the iphone? if i go over my limit things get expensive very fast :(

    I tried to copy over my whole collection of band (for example) abcdef from my mac to my iphone, but everytime i click on the folder in itunes and drag it over to the iphone under devices (i have it connected via the usb cable so it shows under devices without a problem) the number of songs (180) is red and when i finish the drag and let go of the click the 180 just seems to slide back to the album instead of copying over :(
    The thing is i dont want to copy everything(songs) i have of the mac or my iphone memory is gonna be eaten up fast (i have the 16 gig model) but would like to copy entire albums.
    On the other hand when i go to "sync" and pick 25 last played or latest (cant remember what i chose) it copies those files over..

    I know apple is supposed ot make stuff that "just works" and is easy to understand... but for some reason its not just working nor is it very easy to understand for a complete newbie like me :eek:

    Thanks in advance!
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    1. You should be able to check data usage on your carrier's website. 1000mb is a lot almost a gig. And for a phone that is a LOT of usage.

    2. Just check in iTunes "manually manage music and videos.

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  3. ryans79 thread starter macrumors regular

    Apr 12, 2009
    Thanks for replying!

    1. Carrier support is down right now as its late, will give them a call first thing tomorrow but when i logged in i didnt see this option anywhere (am in Sweden).

    2. i think i did do that... will check again...

    EDIT: Oops, missed the lovely graphic... had to edit to thank you for that as well :)
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    Apr 12, 2009
    just in case... is there any other option (like a setting or software) for 1?
  5. ryans79 thread starter macrumors regular

    Apr 12, 2009

    - got the songs thing sorted out! Thanks mate!

    - Called my carrier's support and get this, he tells me there is no way of knowing but i will get an sms from them the day i touch my 1000mb and then i have to pay for every extra MB:mad::eek:

    Advise please...

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