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    I'm waiting for delivery of a "new" unlocked 3GS from eBay. It is for a friend in the Caribbean. Please be patient as I have a few dumb questions. I want to set up the phone as much as I can before going there next week to give it to him. My friend is more ignorant than me about technology and doesn't own a computer. I own a 4s so I am familiar with iPhones, at least enough to do what I wanna do.

    ** Will I be able to access settings without a sim?

    ** Will I be given the option to choose Spanish as the primary language? I know in the 4s that option is in settings.

    ** I use my computer to sync and update my 4s. Can I also use it with the new phone? I want to make sure it has the latest OS version. Is there anything special I need to know in this regard as I don't want to override any settings in iTunes for my 4s.

    Many thanks.
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    You have to be able to activate it, and you will need to with a sim.

    Just sync it, and press "update iPhone". After iOS 6.1.3, the 3GS cannot be upgraded to a new OS.

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