New 4.0 Quad Out. Time for Apple to change. Petition.

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by ComposerX, Sep 11, 2014.

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    Sep 10, 2014
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    Jul 23, 2012
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    "As Audio and video really need high Ghrtz and intel released a 4.0-4.4 and apple will never have the ability to use in its current Mac Pro form. Only in the ageless steel version."

    Huh? Why do you think they'd never be able to use this in the current Mac Pro?

    "Or the Mac PPC? Nope. Only the design of the metal showed the world it was a timeless piece of art and will never die."

    You do know PPCs came with the same case design right?

    Ugh, what am I doing. I don't even know why I'm wasting my time with this.
  4. elvisizer, Sep 11, 2014
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    oh, goodness! thanks for the laugh, composerX!

    edit: wow, on closer examination, this appears to have been written by someone who:
    1. is not a 13 year old
    2. has worked on some of my favorite films.

    now i am confused and sad.
  5. scaredpoet macrumors 604


    Apr 6, 2007
    The moment I saw the phrase "Game changer" in the first couple sentences, I knew this petition was going nowhere. Glancing further down, it doesn't disappoint at being nothing but a complete rambling mess.

    No way am I signing this. I can't even figure out what the point is!
  6. mcnallym macrumors 6502a

    Oct 28, 2008
    2 things wrong straight away

    1.) Not a Xeon - Apple only used Xeons in the Mac Pro.
    2.) LGA1150 Processor. Is a socket 2011 on the Mac Pro so you should at least be asking for socket 2011 CPU.

    Also how do you over clock in OSX?
  7. crjackson2134 macrumors 68040


    Mar 6, 2013
    Charlotte, NC
    Wow! Just wow! I wish I could get back the 5 minutes I used reading that.
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    Jun 10, 2006
  9. Tutor, Sep 11, 2014
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    In Lumine Tuo Videbimus Lumen

    I agree with you that the cheese grater MacPro is a legendary form factor and displays a most creative, timeless design that will forever be the best expression of how the consummate workstation should be presented. I also agree with you that Apple should not hesitate to offer a tweakable Mac Pro with i7s as well as the top of the line dual Xeons like the Haswell E5-2699 V3. Your point that Apple should use the Mac Pro to cover all bases from gamers to big businesses in need of enterprise servers, hasn't fallen on deaf ears. The impact of Apple's raising the bar for (1) high end, mobile music listening (iPod), (2) then mobile telephone versatility (iPhone), (3) then intuitive mobile education, communication, gaming, every other imaginable pastime and most business travel needs (iPad), and soon (4) the multifaceted time piece market (iWatchYoBeatingHeart) and mobile payment market (iWantYoMoney), is, as you imply, lessened by Apple's refusal to supply gamers, content creators, educational institutions, businesses large and small, and every other endeavor and enterprise in-between with the brand that is most cherished and that has lead the high end of every other market that Apple has entered as of late, by showing Apple's mastery of technology and human interfacing, yielding products that just work - simply, consistently, powerfully, and stylishly without taxing the user.

    I can't continue to fathom the depths of your perspicacity because I have to leave my hotel soon to get to the airport timely to make my flight from Denver, Colorado - The Mile High City to Bellingham, Washington - The City of Subdued Excitement. I'm not too excited about this travel schedule because those meetings in smoked filled rooms make me feel giddy and paranoid. They also lead to me snacking profusely.
  10. koban4max macrumors 68000

    Aug 23, 2011
    thanks for the laugh.
  11. E.Lizardo macrumors 68000

    May 28, 2008
    I tried but couldn't do it.The childlike tone and horrific writing hurt my head almost as much as the overdose of laughter.
    I hope they pass it around at Apple,they will love it.
    I can see Tim standing up at a meeting with a stern look on his face and saying"'s time for a game changer."as the room erupts in laughter.
  12. MSlaw macrumors regular

    Aug 11, 2010
    Not enough PCI-E lanes on that CPU to support the mac pro's hardware.

    They went with what intel had available at the time.

    You should be petitioning intel to release 4.0ghz and 4.4ghz xeons (which is just as silly as the original petition).
  13. ComposerX thread starter macrumors newbie

    Sep 10, 2014
    I went to school for EE but that's beside the point. Xeon or non Xeon is sort of moot unless you're working for Columbia Tri-Star and even then, I've seen some iMacs at Bravo, 5th floor NBC building. Burbank, where they did audio and vide for bumpers using Aja/Kona set ups via chassis. The old metal case, still timeless like "The Beatles", (O.T. "Abby Road" still #1for most sold record in billboards top 200 of all time.

    FPU is needed for audio. The higher the FPU the faster and more plugins you can use. Yeah sure. Some new chips are coming at 3.5,3.0 and lower as you get more cores while there are 4.0 Ghz, turbo 4.4 and unlocked for over clocking. CPU life3-5 years but by then, those type of people look at Intels road map to make sure they have (example), 3.0 USB, Thunderbolt and most important same pin size on the road map so they can swap the CPU.

    Higher FPU means more plug ins. I'm using a Apollo quad that I paid the amount a duo cost so that's a huge help. Plus there are rumors of added DSP CARDS IN THE WORKS FOR MORE POWER.

    So why Xeon or lower clock speeds for the more Cores? Because, due to the design, it can't take more than 135 watts. Give me the metal case and you would be getting faster Xeon's and like mentioned previously, faster, more plug ins and no chassis are need as you had 3-4 slots (PCIe) and could go faster with more wattage.

    I built a Hackintosh once but it was for kicks but seeing how the new Mac pros are more 4 video, they tried but haven't gotten the GPU to work for audio, today a hack can be built and for free you download an EFI program, so you can update and since it's a PC, you can probably get two 8 core 4.0, over clock to 4.5-5.0 on air, speculation, but at least 4.5. Plus ever since the 12 core was on par with the Neleham 2.93 keeping up I was hoping to really be blown away. But limited? Wow. Those that say wait for then rev 2 must be correct, I would love to find one. Please. For kicks see if you can find them. When the 12 core came out they were $1900. Now they are much more after seeing the old 12 core results,and you can always throw in a USB 3 and thunder bolt card. But am sure someone will build a stable hack as it has no idea it's a PC as soon as the software boots. And now that MS has but one OS, I'm betting they will get a lot more,products moving as everyone will work,on one OS instead of dealing with nearly a dozen os's and the reason for the letter is because Apple needs to brink back the metal case. Make the barrel for Pro-Sumers and the metal for xeons or whatever you want to place in there, for the pros. Keeping our desktop,free of clutter.

    I see apple as taking a step back. And with 4k tvs being at $1500 for a great 40", where talking monitor heaven.

    The metal case will keep you from chassis, I read about TB glitches all the time. And you get 4'hard drive spaces to boot. For the noob. I don't think MS shows the code in booting anymore. But Apple foes the same thing. Just programmed to hide it. Boot in verbose mode )apple) and you'll see. While for the PC user should Microsoft ps new OS show the boot up code. You can change it in the bios screen to what ever image you want. I've been using macs for a long time now so have no idea.

    Don't get me wring, more cores are great. But more cores at higher clock speeds are even better. Imagine a 6 core Xeon 4.0 running at 4.5 at full load or even prosumer can with i7 8 cores with quick synch!?, support.

  14. noisycats macrumors 6502a


    Jun 1, 2010
    The 'ham. Alabama.
    So here's a tip...

    When filing a complaint or organizing a petition, focus.

    What the hell does your ex shaving her legs have even remotely to do with computers? (and this is just one small example)

  15. Umbongo macrumors 601


    Sep 14, 2006
    Or want more RAM or cores than available on consumer CPUs. Your 4GHz i7-4790K supports 32GB RAM, compared to the 512GB a Xeon E5-2697 V3 would support in a Mac Pro.

    Which faster Xeons? Why have 3-4 PCI-e slots if you are limited to 16 lanes with the likes of the i7-4790K? Are you talking about overclocking? That's never going to happen.

    You can't overclock E5-2600 series Xeons. To be clear, no dual socket overclocking since the Westmere Xeons that came out in 2010 and then it was done using the EVGA-SR2 only.

    The first 12-core (2.66GHz) was $4,999 and no Mac Pro has ever been $1,900.

    You can't get Thunderbolt cards for old Mac Pros, HP's Z820 is the only one I know that supports one.

    Apple are never going to allow overclocking, nor is any other tier 1 workstation vendor. i7 with 8 cores and quick sync? You need an iGPU so those CPUs won't exist for many years.
  16. ha1o2surfer macrumors 6502

    Sep 24, 2013
    I see the points you are making and they are actually good ones, even if they are not said in an orderly fashion. I think one of main reasons Apple went Xeon is because of more cores and more lanes. I know there is a 5960k that has 40 PCIe lanes and 8 cores and why didn't they use that instead? Most likely because Apple didn't have access to those CPUs at the time. As a matter of fact I don't think Apple uses and "K" sku CPUs in any of their lineups. Apple has a limited set of options if wanting to use "i7s" in the Mac Pro lineup. With Xeons, they can go from 4 cores all the way up to 12 cores without needed to change the chipset and then breaking up the models even more. Would you like a Core i7 MacPro with 6 cores or a Xeon with 12 cores? KISS, keeping it simple stupid I think is what they were going for. Just my 2 cents. :apple:
  17. goMac macrumors 603

    Apr 15, 2004
    If you know these technologies so well, you should know that audio will scale across multiple cores, so the core count is going to be much more important the clock speed, and the Mac Pro has that i7 still beat. That i7 is 4 core, the Mac Pro is a 12 core.

    You should have also noticed that the chip you linked to supports a very low amount of PCI-E lanes, so you're probably not going to get as much speed out of a DSP card as you think you will.

    Not to mention Intel's processors have had built in DSP acceleration for years...
  18. Umbongo macrumors 601


    Sep 14, 2006
    Apple had to go with Xeon to offer something better than the G5 PowerMacs and there has never been any reason to change. Even when they moved to offering single CPU solutions the i7s all had a Xeon version for the same price, but with ECC RAM support. Only in the very latest refreshes have their been i7s (i7-4790K and i7-5820K) that don't have Xeon versions that are worth while for content creators and they are both lower end CPUs and lack features, their only saving grace is one has a very high clockspeed and the other gives 6 cores for $200 less (or $90 more depending how you look at it). Add in the much larger range of Xeons (dozens Apple could offer compared to currently four i7s) and it's a no brainer.
  19. AppleDroid macrumors 6502a

    Apr 10, 2011
    Apple has no reason to compete in the non-ECC enabled desktop market at this point. They are aiming at the professional market who require server grade, ECC parts for rendering, scientific research etc.

    I hate that there's no headless mac between the hospice-ridden mini and the nMP but that's just how it is.
  20. snouter macrumors 6502a

    May 26, 2009
    If the cash matters, suck it up and use Windows. My 4930k system was about half the cost of my nMP 6c and I run it over 4GHz all day every day.

    I use Adobe CC and Cinema 4d. Runs well on either OS.

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