New 6S Plus, how do I put old photos on it?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by darrylcn, Jan 5, 2016.

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    A bit of a rookie question here if you don't mind, I just got a new 6S plus and I'm trying to put the pictures from my old iPhone 5's camera roll on it if possible. I signed up for the 50 GB storage option for iCloud today with the intent of pushing all my photos from my iPhone 5 to it because what I really want is for all the photos on my iPhone 5 to appear on my new 6S plus, or at least in Photo Stream, in order if possible.

    I don't want to restore from a backup so I'm wondering what my options are. I've also started using iCloud photos, and I uploaded a bunch of my pictures from my laptop (after copying my iPhone 5's roll to it) to it but during that time the browser froze so I'm not sure where in the 400+ photo list it left off. This is frustrating because it apparently allows duplicate uploads from your PC so I would have to go through each one as far as I know to see where the duplicates are and just not upload those. I might just start over but I figured this would be easier to migrate pics from an old phone to a new one. Airdropping 400 pics hasn't been very doable either so I've taken to just sending the 18 photos on my 6S Plus to my iPhone 5 so at least they're all together somewhere. Any thoughts? Thanks.
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    Use iCloud Photo Library. It will sync between both devices settings -> iCloud -> photos. You can also see the upload progress there as well. Delete the ones you tried to upload and do it directly from your iPhone 5
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    That sounds exactly like what I want, I just Airdropped the existing few pics from my 6S Plus to my 5 (sending hundreds from 5->6S Plus looked to be a no go but I had to at least try) so this means the content on my 5 is now exactly how I want my photos to appear. I've got iOS 7 on my iPhone 5, can I still do it? If not then I guess I could copy my photos from it to my PC again and upload em all to iCloud via laptop after I wipe everything there. My concern is keeping everything in order. Weird seeing pics of our daughter laughing before the photos I took at her ultrasound.
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    Actually I think updating iCloud photo library is via the laptop so my phone's OS shouldn't matter. At least I think. If not please correct my understanding. Thanks for the help!
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    Just a quick note, I copied everything on my 5 to my laptop, consolidated all the folders (not sure why Apple devices do this on their internal memory) that had photos, and am now uploading the contents of that folder to my iCloud Photos library. Exactly what I wanted when I started this. Thank you again rzc16512!
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    You could upload them to google photos, it's free and unlimited space.
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    True but I want them in my camera app on my phone. AFAIK this is the only way but thanks for suggesting!
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    You can also put the photos in a folder on your computer, then use iTunes to sync those photos to the phone. Just go to the photos section in sync settings and tell it where the photos are.

    iTunes will automatically resize them to look good on the phone and not take up too much space, and sync them.
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