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    JobsWord is a cute, quick, fully functional and easy-to-use Word Processor for your daily work and personal needs. As a full-featured word processor, JobsWord lets you create fantastic documents, ranging from a simple letter to a professional-quality newsletter and more.

    Streamlined word processor:
    • Intuitive interface that lets you focus on your writing task
    • Use tables(nested tables support), bullets, lists, images, symbols, header, footer, footnotes, endnotes to enhance the way your document looks
    • Unlimited undo and redo capacity
    • Zoom in/out documents freely
    • Generate Table of Contents on your demand
    • Word count and statistics
    • Sophisticated text formatting (Bold, Italic, Strike, Overline, Underline, Superscript, Subscript etc.)
    • Print your documents just one click

    Advanced features:
    • Insert tables, split/merge table cells, convert table to text and vice versa
    • Insert images and drag it to where you want
    • Insert symbols, date and time
    • Header/Footer support
    • Full-screen view
    • Expert mode
    • Export as solid (X)HTML (with CSS styles support) and view in web browser
    • Lots of built-in fields, such as current time, page number, word count etc…
    • Count words, lines, pages, paragraphs and characters
    • Smart quotes
    • Bookmarks
    • Bidirectional text

    Powerful document layouts:
    • Normal layout
    • Web layout
    • Print layout

    Helpful built-in templates:
    • A4 paper
    • Business Letter
    • Business Report
    • Employee Directory
    • Fax Coversheet
    • Friendly Letter
    • Memo
    • Normal
    • Press Release
    • Resume
    • US Letter

    and so on...

    Take your time and enjoy it !

    Promocodes sharing thread:

    Mac App Store link:


    Email us at if you have any questions, suggestions or problems with the app.
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    I would like to say good luck, but to be honest I can't find anything different about your app, to the myriad of word processing apps out there. Also you have some pretty damming reviews on the App store as well.

    If you are going to design a successful app it has to have a reason for being there, and it has to set itself apart from the competition.
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