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    A Fill in the Blank Editor App now available in the AppStore.

    Necessity truly is the mother of all invention.

    I was sitting in a class over the weekend, and the teacher handed out an outline with numerous blanks on it to be filled in. There was only one problem; I had no pen or pencil! What was I to do??????

    Enter A Fill in the Blank Editor. With this program, you can either choose a picture of a document already existing in your camera roll, or use the iPhone Camera to snap a quick picture of your current document with blanks, and then type right on top of the blank spots!

    That's right, the entire screen can be typed on! Just guide your finger to where the blank area is, advance cursor until directly on top of the blank, and type away!

    What, you say? You want to be able to keep all your hard work? No problem, hit the save button and you will have the document (complete with your add-ons) right in your Camera Roll!!!!!(Note: Some stretching will occur when first viewing, do not panic, it is all there, simply pinch-in to see the entire document)

    No more do you have to worry about being stuck without a pen or pencil, the iPhone does everything else, why not Fill in the Blanks?
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    Nov 12, 2009
    I have a few promo codes left. If interested PM me.

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