New acquisition usb hub c to usb a 3.1


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Jan 3, 2020
Hello, I show my new acquisition a USB Type-C hub with 4 USB outputs to 3.1 of the Nisuta brand that I think has reach in Latin America.
I am half demanding with the products when buying:
  • I wanted it to be type C to type A for the reason that the Mac Mini has 4 type C ports so I prefer to use a USB port c and not a type a, since here (Argentina) at the moment there are very few devices that use type C.
    As a disadvantage I can not use this hub on traditional computers (which only have USB Type A ports).
  • He also wanted to be able to add an external energy source in case he needed at some time.
  • And finally I wanted it not to be generic, or at least there is a brand that supports it, when I can't go for first brands at least I look for second brands that give me more reliability than a generic product.
The product cost AR $ 1600 = USD 12, while the officers were around AR $ 5000 = USD 66.
It is USB 3.1 (No Thunderbolt 3) that although the difference is too much 40Gbps (Thunderbolt 3) compared to 10Gbps (USB 3.1) to simply connect mouse, keyboard, pendrives, headphones and the occasional accessory is enough.

The product seems to be of quality, so this publication is aimed at the one who was considering buying an unofficial USB hub.


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