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Aug 20, 2006
Great Totham, UK
Hello all.

I am a recent convert to the world of trouble free and fun computer use, after my 7 years of Windows based computing finally bit me on the ass, and the PC got virussed to death.

I am now the proud and happy owner of a sexy 20" Imac (with the intel malarkey inside it) and although I am comfortable using it, I would welcome any tips and tricks to help me along. Also......any pointers towrds cool apps and downloads that I shouldn't be without would also be welcome.

Thanks for any help given, and long may the non crashing computing continue!!:)


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Jan 28, 2005
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My first tip would be to bookmark MacRumors, because this is an excellent resource for new Mac users. Take a look at the Guides, and search around the forums if you get stuck/confused. Have patience learning OS X, especially if you are proficient at Windows. Don't try and do things the "Windows Way", because this will only be frustrating. Instead, try and think "how would this be done in the easiest way?", and that's probably how OS X works.



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Feb 6, 2006
Adium for MSN Messenger
AppZapper to uninstall app (don't just drop them in the trash)
Parallels (fantastic if you need to run the occasional Windows app)
WebKit nightly builds as your browser
MenuMeters to monitor activity
WeatherDock (if you care)
Seashore (open source Cocoa-based image manipulation)
Transmission for bittorrent files
gDisk for storing files at Google

Also, don't make plans on Tuesdays. You'll understand soon enough.


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May 31, 2006
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To be honest, if you're proficient at Windows, you'll take to OSX pretty easily. It takes a bit of time getting into the habit of using things like Expose to switch between apps. If you're anything like me, you'll find yourself continually minimising apps to the dock instead, like you do in Windows, but you'll soon learn that Expose is a far better and more natural way of switching between apps (especially if you have the side buttons, a la Mighty Mouse).

Another thing I found it difficult to get to grips with was uninstalling things. In OSX, all you'll ever really need to do to get rid of an app is drag it to the rubbish bin. OK, there are a few very very small files left in the library sometimes, but they're really nothing to concern yourself with.

Also, if you're short of hard disk space, you might want to reinstall OSX the way you want - removing all the additional languages and applications you'll never use (you can practically reduce OSX to half its size if you really wanted to).

Also, as a Windows user you're probably still in the directory structure mindset. I know I still am. With OSX, given the software Apple gives you with Tiger, you'll never need to think about directory structures. iLife (and their professional counterparts) do all that thinking for you. If you really need a specific file (i.e. for emailing someone), simply drag it from the program to the desktop.

Final point: Put your Applications folder in your dock - particuarly useful for installation and loading Apps which aren't on your dock (maybe because you don't use them much).


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Aug 20, 2006
Great Totham, UK
Thanks for the tips so far!!

I have indeed installed the Apps folder on the dock as it is as you say handy to have there for all those things that get used, but not too often.

I am loving the expose thingy. I have a little website and am messing around with it all the time......the old windows way was time consuming, but the the easier OSx way is so much more fun.

A friend told me once: "once you go Mac, you never go back" and I see what he means. Without sounding like a fanboy, it really does seem easier and more logical the Mac way. The fact that my computer didn't lock up or crash 3 times whilst writing this message is a big thumbs up for me.

Gone are the daily virus updates/ad aware updates. No more maintenance or pop up blocking for me!!


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Dec 12, 2005
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d wade said:
:confused: i've been around a little bit. i still dont get it. today is tuesday... wanna fill us in? :D
Tuesdays are usually when Apple releases products. At least when they don't have an event going on. So everyone is checking on Tuesdays to see if anything was released.