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    the lite version of Tap Disc is New and Notworthy
    under the categories Arcade and Action in the US appstore.


    Give it a try: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tap-disc-lite/id377392157?mt=8

    purchase it: http://itunes.apple.com/app/legalradiation/id375367799?mt=8



    T3 magazine - It's that simple. Yet it is also dastardly hard and very addictive... Tap Disc is a marvel.
    CNET - interesting and fun new style of touch-screen game.
    TUAW - pretty addictive... Tap Disc is definitely worth checking out.
    PCWORLD - it's surprising how challenging game levels can be.
    MACWORLD - Tap Disc is an enjoyable diversion into a weird world.
    APP ADVICE - casual gamers will absolutely love.
    GAMEZEBO - entirely fun, and one of the most original experiences on the iPhone right now.
    APPSPY - Tap Disc is the first of its kind.
    IPHONELIFE magazine - Go grab Tap Disk, and don't wait...

    Links about the game:

    Tap Disc Lite

    Tap Disc

    More reviews

    Trailer (youtube video)

    Gameplay (youtube video)

    Money contest and website

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    Have Fun
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