New Anker Powerwave 7.5 Wireless Chargers

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    Anker has released it's second generation of wireless chargers. An updated stand and pad. These support charging the iPhone X and 8's, at 7.5 watts. Got an email from them about them, so I went on Amazon, and both are available now. Purchased both and the stand version has arrived and I've been using it now for about two days. I've also placed an order for the 7.5 pad as well. The stand will be for the office, the pad out in the living room...

    The package comes withe the charging stand, a QC3 wall adapter and a 3 foot/0.9144 meter micro-usb cable. Excellent build quality and all three are in a matching off white color. The stand is made of high quality plastic, but sturdy, and the areas in contact with the phone are covered in a matte soft touch material. The base has a large anti-skid pad. There is one, led in the front. It's off if nothing is being charged. Glows a steady blue when charging. Stays on after the phone is fully charged. Has some good off-set charging angles, meaning it doesn't have to be exactly centered on the stand to charge.

    Some things to be aware of though...These aren't negatives for me but it might be for some. Probably only matters if you want to use these in a bedroom...

    Be aware, that both the stand and pad versions, have a small built in fan. It's quiet and not noticeable unless you put your ear within two or three inches of the stand, next to the back, bottom part of the stand. In daily use I don't notice it at all, using this stand in my office. You can see in the pics, an open area at the top back of the stand, to bring air in and then the warm air is exhausted out the back. My only point in mentioning this is if you plan on putting it on a nightstand, very close to a bed, in a totally quiet room. You may...may notice the fan sound, if you are sensitive to any noises while sleeping. Related to that is that since the LED doesn't shut off when the phone is fully charged, and you are sensitive to lights in your dark bedroom, the LED shines it's light forward from the stand. Like I mentioned, it's not bright but it might bother some. For me, in both cases, it's been a non-issue...

    I have the pad version coming as well tomorrow. I'll update this if anyone wants a quick take and pics of that as well...

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    Thanks for posting. I have the older version of the stand. Not sure why Anker did not put a rubber pad on the new version to prevent iPhone from sliding off the stand.
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    The front and ledge of the stand is covered in a softer, non-skip surface. A phone won't slide around easily or be scratched...
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    Mind posting some links to them on Amazon? I'm having issues finding them..
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    I'm thinking Amazon screwed up or Anker never told them, but the "official" release date I guess is supposed to be March 15. Amazon must have got them in, and just started selling them now. I think I got lucky, and got my orders in before they were pulled. I've had the stand now for a few days. The pad version, according to Amazon, shipped yesterday. Now, it looks like Amazon has hidden the links from it's search. If you go to the Anker Facebook page, they have a big announcement there now...stating the release date is the 15th. But the direct links from my order page still work. Here they are:

    Price was $39.95...

    Price was $35.99...
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    Says the stand is unavailable
  7. aloper, Mar 6, 2018
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    As a follow-up, I received the pad version today from Amazon. Same build quality as I mentioned above, for the stand version. The only difference I'll note is, the fan noise on the pad version is louder than the stand version. I think it's because the fan in the stand, exhausts it's heat out the does the sound. The pad version, pulls in air from around entire bottom area of the pad. So the sound the fan makes is louder, than on the stand version because it's noise comes out from all directions.

    In a normal room, you won't notice it. But as I mentioned before, in a bedroom, on a night stand, next to a bed, the noise of the pad version is louder, and may bother some...

    All in all, both stands are excellent.

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