New App for Photographers: The Seascapist - Learn Long Exposure Seascape Photography

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    G'day crew. I'm a photographer / software developer situated in Australia and have created an iPad app to teach and inspire in the field of Long Exposure Seascape Photography. It's also a great way to see the beautiful south-east coastline of Australia.

    It is called The Seascapist - Inspiration for the Seascape Photographer. (App Store Link)

    The Seascapist is a visually-oriented learning aid, providing over 25 gorgeous retina-optimised long-exposure photographs of the south-east coast of Australia as inspiration. If you've browsed the Macrumors Photo Of The Day Thread(s), you may notice many of the photos I've posted there are included in this app, in the never-before-seen retina display resolution of 2048 x 1536px.

    Each photograph includes settings used to produce the image, as well as descriptive text, helpful in inspiring long-exposure creations of your own.


    The Seascapist also teaches basic photographic principles and how to best utilise them for long-exposure landscape photography. Explained are the benifits of shooting in RAW, finding the best shooting mode for your style, shooting long bulb-exposures plus many tips and tricks.

    Also covered are basic photography fundamentals including: Aperture, shutter speed, ISO and basic post-processing, including several interactive before and after comparisons.


    If you're getting into photography, after some inspiration or simply want to check out the beautiful beaches of south-east Australia, this app is for you!

    Get The Seascapist on the App Store.

    Developer Website

    I'd love to hear what you think.

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