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    Sep 13, 2009
    IMAP Folders lets you conveniently access IMAP mail accounts from your iPhone. Features include:

    o IMAP server-side folder management
    You can create, rename and delete IMAP folders

    o Automatic message processing based on custom rules
    You can configure rules of arbitrary complexity to automatically process your incoming mail and take actions based on any number of conditions. Those processing decisions are recorded in a log which you can review when desired.

    o Viewing received messages and sending messages
    It is possible to display messages with a text part. You can also send new messages, reply to messages, and forward messages. Also, the number of unread messages in a folder is displayed.

    o Multiple servers configuration
    The following mail servers are all supported:

    o Message selection criteria:
    All messages
    Unseen messages
    New messages
    Deleted messages
    Draft messages
    Answered messages
    Sent before
    Date before
    Date equal to
    Sent on
    Sent after
    Date after
    Body contains
    Subject contains
    Header or body contains
    Bcc or body contains
    Cc or body contains
    From contains
    Larger than
    Smaller than
    To contains
    From/To/Cc/Bcc contains

    IMAP Folders Starting Guide

    IMAP Folders on App Store

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    Sep 12, 2009
    hmm any idea the exchange syncing gmail we use for the default mail app is IMAP or POP? i assume its IMAP. why the need for this??

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