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Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by shorty87, Sep 9, 2014.

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    Sep 9, 2014
    Have plans to put together an app without any experience in this area. Have a feeling that this is a long term project: p

    I have worked many years with food and beverages, and over time ended up with a fairly large database of wines, beers and spirits. I think about trying to get this into app form. The layout may be done quite easily with table view in xcode, and if I wanted a very basic variant I guess I could use NSXMLparser to get my excel databases over in list form in the app. I would like however to make a little more advanced variant.
    See the photos to get an idea of ​​what I want to achieve. It is primarily the product page and the favourite system I am wondering about how to do. I am of course fully aware that google is your friend when it comes to things like that, but i'll try to take a shortcut here. So if anyone has tips on how to get to one or several of the elements, or possibly have specific guides for this, I would appreciate all the help I can get. Like i said, this is a pretty extensive project, as my database today contains over 17,000 products. Naming suggestions would also be appreciated.

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    If you have no experience writing iOS apps, I would suggest you spend a significant amount of time learning the fundamentals and then revisiting your project once you feel comfortable knowing the basics. This should help give you ideas of possible approaches to your project.

    I would say your feeling is correct.

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