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Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by vettori, Sep 29, 2012.

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    Have you already tried iOS6's Do Not Disturb feature to block unwanted calls and notifications when sleeping or just taking a technology break ?

    Apple introduced the long-awaited DND feature on iOS6 permitting to whitelist contacts using favorites or an address book group. Alas, iOS doesn't provide a way to create and manage groups! And what if you want more control, for example to whitelist more than one group at the same time?
    "Do Not Disturb Whitelist" is a nice utility to overcome these limitations allowing to manage who is in the whitelist for DND with ease. The app has a simple and efficient All / Whitelisted view where you can list or delist contacts very easily; you can also whitelist entire groups at once.

    ▪ Configure DND once on settings, then access the whitelist with one tap on the app's icon instead of going deep into the Settings app menu tree
    ▪ List and delist contacts with a single tap
    ▪ Whitelist entire groups
    ▪ Easy to use!

    Do Not Disturb Whitelist is available starting today for $1.99 on the AppStore.

    Have more questions ? Don't hesitate to contact us at

    iTunes link:

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    Feb 29, 2008
    Downloaded this today as wanted to block some unwanted calls.

    Works very well and support replied quickly to a couple of concerns I had.

    Always good to find an app that both works and is useful.
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    Thank you for your feedback!

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