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Sep 29, 2015
Did anyone use the new apple credit card for purchasing a new iPhone Pro? Did it help with the purchase or hinder it ?


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Oct 18, 2011
Apple iPhone World
I used Apple Card on both iUP and a sim-free model and went pretty seamless. While for iUP didn't have the option to do the Apple Pay but during the pre-approval process I had to enter the card number manually.
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Aug 30, 2011
Used Apple Card on IUP. Citizen Loan took the card number and Apple Store charged the card for the sales tax.
Worked like any other card. Seamless
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Dec 8, 2008
How could it help?

Not OP but it seems conceivable that Apple could make the card almost like status with the airlines. If you pay with the Apple Card, you get 'priority ordering' and jump ahead of non-Apple-Card orders. So maybe you could order any time during launch day instead of waking up at an odd hour. Like the airline, you could 'bump' someone from a seat(phone) based on your status.

There would be a lot of reasons not to do it (see how much hate regular people have for the airlines) but it's conceivably possible.
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Nov 22, 2016
Ordered my Apple Card on Wednesday and it was ready to go in an hour. Used it to pre-order my iPhone 11 on Friday morning. Very easy process.
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Jun 2, 2010
I ordered two phones (Friday morning) and the charge showed up right away as pending which is what I would expect.

Today (Sunday) there is now a second pending charge which amounts to a $1299 phone plus tax showing on my card.

The first charge is still showing pending. Contacted Goldman Sachs and the rep said he has been seeing this quite often with multiple pending charges that haven’t been placed as additional orders. Since everything is pending, nothing can be disputed.

When I signed up it was quite a mess getting a physical card sent. The system on their end showed that I had ordered a card but there was no tracking number. They cancelled that card and sent me a new one, which arrived and everything seemed great. Now, weeks later I get another email from Apple saying my physical Apple Card is on the way and it appears to be scheduled for my home address for delivery tomorrow.

Certainly a strange start for me and Apple Card.
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Bootleg Gucci

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Sep 16, 2013
When preordering iPhone 11 pro max, my iPad showed the option to add Apple Card to that device to get cash back.

I checked out with Apple Pay too fast to switch my default card from Discover to my new Apple Card.

So I placed a 2nd order for a 11 pro Max and got the %3 cash back using Apple Card.


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Jun 7, 2012
I used it for my new iPhone purchase for 3% cash back. Paying full balance once payment goes through and I’ll use that money for a screen protector and a case perhaps ?


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Feb 1, 2009
Northern Virginia, USA
When I got the Apple Card I choose the option to ‘use for Apple purchases’ which also seems to mean it updates the card on file at Citizens. Which is nice because the login there is a mess, last time I tried it (password requirements are broken, needed to make a crappy password manually, don’t know if that’s changed...).

So, now all IUP charges are on the Apple Card automatically, which is nice.


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Sep 19, 2018
Signed up on pre-order day. It's nice to see everything in real time plus 3% cash back so it definitely helped.

Be aware though that your credit score will take a hit during the credit check and for opening a new account. This all depends on your own credit situation of course.
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