New Apple II Disk II SD Card adapter

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    I recently got an awesome SD card adapter from Bulgaria of all places. This really cool guy builds a load of different modern Apple II peripherals such as mocking-board replicas and stuff. He built this tiny SD card adapter that connects straight into the Disk II controller. As far as the Apple II thinks, its a floppy drive. I can load many different images on the cards at once and switch between them with a button and LED on the front of the adapter. All I have to do is download the DSK images, paste them onto the card, put in it and boot up! No special software or anything! Its just awesome. I highly recommend this guy :) And all for around 60 euros including shipping.


    Tiny little thing compared to the huge Disk II drive!



    It came with a good few games and apps, but I downloaded Ultima I to test a new application. Took me all of 1 minute from on my iMac's desktop to running on 1979 hardware :cool: Now to get Oregon Trail!


    (Ebay link for anyone interested: [I am not benefiting from the sale of this item, I'm just spreading information. Not advertising intentionally!]
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