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Apr 12, 2001

A range of new Apple services could include "Podcasts+," "Stocks+," and "Mail+," according to a new report by Loup Ventures analysts.


Apple's subscription service products are increasingly important to its business model and is now almost the size of a Fortune 50 company by revenue, growing by 16 percent in 2020 to $53.7 billion. Loup Ventures highlights that Spotify accumulated 144 million paid subscribers over a period of 14 years, while Apple Music accumulated 85 million paid subscribers in just five years. "This illustrates the power of services built on top of default apps," the report says.

Loup Ventures claims that there is room for a number of additions to Apple's successful services segment. New subscriptions could be "hiding in plain sight," being built upon existing apps, and in turn aid the continued growth and adoption of Apple's products and services.

Podcasts+ would form a tier in the existing Podcasts app, offering a selection of exclusive premium shows. Spotify has moved aggressively into podcasts, acquiring the exclusive rights to popular shows and removing them from other services. Podcasts+ would enable Apple to claw back space within the field. Apple has been repeatedly rumored to be moving into exclusive podcasts, even holding talks to acquire podcast network Wondery before it was bought by Amazon.

According to the report, Podcasts+ is expected to be bundled as a part of Apple One as well as Apple Music, with no added charge for existing paid subscribers. Podcasts+ would also help to "drive incremental interest" in Apple Music and Apple One as a result, "generating high-margin, recurring revenue."

Stocks+ could build upon Apple's move into personal finance with Apple Card, offering financial services such as investment accounts. Apple could "replicate its success with Apple Card and offer low-fee, private, secure, simple brokerage accounts," and present integrated information on cost basis, market value, gain, and loss. In addition, Apple could offer trading services similar to Robinhood and robo-advisory services like Wealthfront.

Furthermore, Mail+ could be the first Apple service related to personal productivity. Taking cues from existing services such as Invisible and Calendly, Mail+ could offer advanced inbox management, automation, and scheduling.

The report also tentatively outlines two additional services titled "Maps+" and "Health+," but provides much less information about what forms they could take. Maps+ could present advanced suggestions for destinations based on a desired outcome and be heavily integrated into the rumored Apple Car. Health+ could leverage the data Apple currently gathers via its Health app and present an offering that moves into digital healthcare and telemedicine.

Key to any new Apple services, the report explains, is a high level of integration. Apple Fitness+ serves as a case study of how an Apple service can move into a new space and offer a product that competitors are unable to match due to deep integration with existing products and services, such as the Apple Watch, Activity rings, and Apple Music.

Loup Ventures believes that new Apple services will capture value in new ways and drive the company toward a three-trillion dollar market cap. The firm has also speculated in the past that Apple will launch a combined hardware and software subscription.

Article Link: New Apple Services Could Include 'Podcasts+,' 'Stocks+,' and 'Mail+,' Analysts Predict
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Jul 9, 2008
Everyone has their budget to stay within and at $30 a month, Apple One Premiere is exactly my limit considering there's no AppleCare or devices to bundle on to that. A $100 a month iPhone + iPad + AppleCare would be pretty appealing but I digress.

The hope is that Apple rewards its loyal Premiere subscribers who joined before additional services were added with a slightly better discount OR gives us the option to add them or not. I don't want to pay for Mail+ or Stocks or podcasts. I don't need those services. If included, I would give them a try.

My conservative guess is the only people who have subscribed to Premiere are those who had Apple Music Family and needed Fitness OR were using 2TB of storage and music and thought "what the hell, it's only $5 more dollars for arcade, fitness and news" which is the camp I was in.

If Premiere did not include 2TB with the $30 price, I would have not upgraded. I only use Music + iCloud and have occasionally dabbled in Fitness, Arcade & News but they aren't core to my life.


Apr 7, 2009
Columbus, OH
This sounds awful. Part of makes Apple great is that they have great apps already installed on the iPhone that see continued improvement. I understand some apps as services, like music and games. Those required content creators for you to consume said content. Making future mail or maps improvements into a premium subscription? That's when Apple jumps the shark. No thanks, not going to be nickled and dimed by the 37 millionth subscription service.


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Jul 26, 2019
Since Podcasts+ is included in Apple Music that's not too bad. Maybe they can get Joe Rogan back at some point.

Hopefully Mail+ brings custom domains and, for current users. Never really felt for the


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May 13, 2019
I think that Apple will run into a problem with 8+ services: consumers may start to notice before buying a new iPhone how many services Apple wants them to additionally have and that could be a deterrent to buying an iPhone for some (i.e. nickel and dime consumers), but Apple's #1 goal is to get people to buy their hardware. So much so that Apple is literally giving away one year free of Apple TV+ for people that buy a new Apple device.

That being said, the stock and weather apps have always been basic. The weather app could use more features and it looks like Apple may be gearing up to do that with the recent acquisitions of so many weather apps. Stocks+ could be a very secure, private, and profitable segment for them that synergies well with Apple Card users. Maps is too competitive of a market at the free level for a Maps+, but Mail+ could be a reasonable one.
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Jul 31, 2011
I don’t have an issue with paying for podcasts, so long as that payment isn’t tied to a specific podcast player. I find Joe Rogan insufferable but signing him to an exclusive Spotify deal was gross. Add that to the list of reasons I won’t use Spotify. Don’t make the same mistakes Apple.
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