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    I want to make a website (or multiple websites, actually, for different purposes). I saw the iWeb app on my new Mac (yaaaaay MBP :D), and I'm just wondering -- once I am done making pretty pages and stuff on my computer, if I have a MobileMe account for $99/yr, am I free to publish websites (how many ever I want)??

    That is, does the $99 cover everything I'll need to make and publish websites, or will I still need to worry about finding/paying separate hosts to publish my website with my personal domain (or whatever the terminology is)? [I want to avoid the free ones since I assume they are filled with annoying ads]

    Or is MobileMe just a waste of time if this is all I intend to use MM for? (I don't really need sync-ing abilities b/c gadgets, so I don't think I'll have so much need for MM apart from this)

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    Feb 18, 2010
    iWeb and MobileMe

    Welcome to the Mac community! To answer your questions, yes you can design many sites in iWeb, and publish to the Internet using your MobileMe account. Your MM account includes iDisk, which is essentially and online hard drive, and the websites you publish from iWeb can be published directly to this. On a very simple level, if you are creating a personal website for example, iWeb and MobileMe are indeed all you will need to create and publish your website.

    Where things get a bit trickier is if you are creating multiple sites that you wish to post to different URLs, for example and Also, if you plan to create a site to use for business, there are many things you should probably do a bit differently, from the design process to the hosting.

    I hope this answered your question, but feel free to ask more!


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