new ATV owner with basic questions

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by quigleybc, Mar 14, 2009.

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    i don't quite understand how to add content to my ATV's hard drive. I just got this ATV yesterday, so i'm new to it.

    I can stream my iTunes library (not my photos though)

    and that works fine.

    But, it says I have 33 gigs free on the ATV HD, and when i just try a drag and drop it doesn't work, and all the content that i see in iTunes (on the ATV) is greyed out...


    i have it set to 'Custom Sync' do i just drag some files in iTunes onto my ATV (like i would with an iPod?)

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    Oct 23, 2003
    With 'Custom Sync' selected, select the :apple:TV under 'Devices' in iTunes, then you can visit each of the device's tabs in iTunes, "Movies", "TV Shows", "Music", "Podcasts", and "Photos", then select what to sync. After you've done that, iTunes will take care of it for you. This may not make so much sense reading it here, but once you see it in action in iTunes it will make sense.

    IMO, Custom Sync is only worthwhile if you plan on using your :apple:TV without your iTunes library on your computer available for streaming. Your other choice is to just select 'Automatic Sync', and as long as your iTunes library is available on your network (meaning your computer's on and iTunes is running), all of your content will be available. Some will by sync-ed, some will be streamed, but when you're using the :apple:TV you won't even know the difference (as long as your network's up to speed and streaming is working ok for you).

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