New ATV3 - big problems


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Mar 24, 2012
Bought an ATV3 a week ago!!
My setup, ATV is wired directly to local lan, I use an airport extreme base station, internet connection is a direct fibre link, very fast .

TV is Sharp Aquos LC-40G100H, about 18 months old.

If I have the ATV resolution set to auto it will connect to the TV at 1080p. In this mode after 10 mins the screen will flash i.e in about 2 secs it first goes black, then green, then black again and the TV will display a notification of a new signal on the hdmi port and that its connecting at 1080p.

This continue to repeat randomly but on average its about a 10 minute frequency.

If I force the ATV to use 720p the problem largely disappears, it still occurs but you can usually go for several hours before there is any problem, maybe its once or twice a day.

It happens regardless of how the video is streamed to the ATV, it can be from a local home library or from the internet via AirPlay from an iPad, its even happened a few times just sitting on the main ATV menu.

I have tried two different hdmi cables, no impact. If I connect an ipad directly to the Sharp TV with an hdmi cable, no flickering has ever been seen, it seems purely related to ATV.

Any ides? I am not sure whether its a fault in the ATV and I should return it or whether it's some incompatibility with the Sharp TV??



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Aug 27, 2012
Since ur TV is 1080, can u not just tell ATV to use 1080 and forget auto?


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May 27, 2008
it's entirely possible you got a bad unit, that once it heats up it freaks out, take it back to apple.


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Mar 24, 2012
@MrBob - forcing 1080 has same result as auto, even tried the 50/60hz options - it just doesn't seem to like 1080p at all.

Anyway I will give Apple a call and see what the say.

Thanks everybody!


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Jan 27, 2009
Montreal, Qc
I had a similar problem, in my case it was a defective HDMI cable.

You said you tried 2 cable already, so I think we can rule that out :/

Also, is your tv's firmware up to date? I've had some strange problem fixed by updating my tvs in the past.