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    Sep 7, 2015
    So, I got a new X2 this week with ConnectedDrive, etc. (It pretty much has everything but the kitchen sink), anyhow...

    So, BMW's implementation of CarPlay is MILES better than the implementation done by Mercedes. For the first couple days, I didn't bother with CarPlay at all. (I've never been a fan due to the way it was in my Mercedes). I thought I'd give it another shot and I'm stumped by a couple things.

    1- Will I still get alerts for appointments via the upgraded Nav / ConnectedDrive system with CarPlay connected or do those features go away? After deleting the phone from the settings and adding it back via CarPlay, I never got a request for permission to access calendar so I'm thinking it doesn't. (Now that I think about it, I believe that request came from the ConnectedApp when I signed in there. Not when I paired. So maybe it still works as it did.)

    2- Can you still control apps via ConnectedDrive (IE, Do I have to access Spotify for example via CarPlay or can I still do it natively through the car still?)

    3- Which features other than phone / messaging do I lose on the native system due to connecting CarPlay.

    I'm able to use either navigation which is nice and I see weather, etc... everything appears to work the same. the only thing I'm seeing that forces me to go to the CarPlay screen is the phone and messaging. Just trying to figure out if I get a better experience connecting via CarPlay or leave it traditional bluetooth and ditch CarPlay all together again. The one bad part (IMO) is that on other vehicles with wired CarPlay, you can turn CarPlay off and it automatically falls back to bluetooth and the factory built infotainment system. With Wireless, the phone can only be connected one way. So if I go into the menu and turn off CarPlay, I have to re-pair the phone again via bluetooth. It won't accept the same profile. (Um, Annoying!)
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    Jul 3, 2011
    I don't have a Benz or a Beemer, so I cannot address the nuances of the ConnectedDrive... but I can answer the last two questions:

    • You can still control apps like Spotify via the CarPlay interface (there's an icon for that), and I suspect the same is true of the native audio options. For example, I can still play OTA radio and use Waze maps via CarPlay for navigation. There should be an icon on the CarPlay screen for the BMW interface, as well as one for CarPlay. You can switch back and forth, and on my MX-5, I can switch between terrestrial radio and CarPlay audio options via the steering wheel controls.
    • As far as which features you lose on the native system, I don't believe that you lose any. You may need to access them via the CarPlay interface, or you may be able to switch back to the CommectedDrive/native interface.
    Again, on my MX-5, I haven't lost any capability... CarPlay has only added options.
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    Jul 31, 2013
    Agree re above....i often listed to radio via the Car with the Carplay interface loaded using navigation etc. I can then change radio stations via the steering wheel etc. There are somethings i cant do via the carplay interface so i just have to switch back to the cars built in interface to do this.
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    In my Audi, Reminders and Calendar events pop up as a notification at the top of the Car Play screen (similar to turn by turn directions when not on the Maps screen) and are persistent until I swipe them away.
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    Sep 7, 2015
    Thanks guys! (or Gals!).

    I played with it a little longer and it looks like it's simple enough to switch between the two. (Much simpler than it was on my Mercedes where I had to either unplug or go deep into the menu to find the setting to turn it off.) Also on the Mercedes, CarPlay overrode the equalizer on the car and it made the upgraded sound system useless when using it. Apparently it was fixed at some point though because I tried it out the other day while getting the car ready to return and was like, "Oh, that must have been a dealer software update!"

    This one keeps a lil' CarPlay icon on the left at all times and I can just touch the screen there or use the controller on the center console. Basically, for all phone functions, you just have to use CarPlay. Not a deal breaker. I don't see anything else that I lose. I've been using Hey Siri when I'm driving a lot to make phone calls and text, so this may actually work out this time!

    Oddly, the best implementation of CarPlay that I've used happened to be on a Hyundai that I had as a rental for a couple days. Everything worked so simply and easily.


    Anybody know of a way to change the "Hey Siri" command to something else? Every time I'm in the car (I cuss A Lot) and I have a habit of saying, "Holy Sh*T" and every time like clockwork, Siri comes on. LOL. ** Oh, just looked.. You can't. I'll deal with it. I just feel sorry for Katie Holmes. I hope she has an Android.

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