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Discussion in 'macOS' started by beaster, Mar 5, 2011.

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    Jan 19, 2005
    Background: I have a iMac running the latest Snow Leopard with a 750 GB external USB drive that I use to store all my media files. I also have a second 1 TB external drive dedicated to Time Machine backups, configured to backup both the internal boot drive and the external media drive. On the internal drive I only had about 40 GB of data.

    Today I replaced the internal drive with an SSD. I booted from the Snow Leopard CD and formatted the SSD. I connected the Time Machine backup drive, but not the media drive. I went to "restore system from backup", but it said I didn't have enough room. Presumably because it wants to restore the *entire* TM backup, including all my media files, but only sees the small SSD as a target. I could plug in the media drive, but I don't want or need all those files restored, since 1) they're sitting there undisturbed on the media drive and 2) I don't want to run the risk of trying to overwrite them with the files on the backup and discovering the backup has a corruption, etc.

    Is there a way to "restore from time machine backup" selectively? Or is the right answer to do a clean SL install and then use Migration Assistant selectively?

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    I would do the latter. It gives you the opportunity to make sure you only get back what you need and will ensure a more stable system in the long-run.


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