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Jun 7, 2015
Seattle WA


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Feb 11, 2006

That’s a pretty huge trackpad. I’d also imagine this will be *heavy*.
Seems like the product page said 2.1 lbs-- sounded heavy to me. The Brydge Pro+ was 1.5lbs.

I'm curious how this connects-- I couldn't find anything on the page about bluetooth or smart connector.

It does look much more convenient for removing the iPad to use on its own compared to their most recent keyboard... and I do prefer the laptop form-factor for "lap-ability" vs the Magic Keyboard.

Really it would boil down to performance for me. The trackpad on the Brydge Pro+ is not great. They do have a new firmware coming so we'll see how much it improves-- last year's updates didn't do much for me.


Aug 19, 2002
Mid-West USA
Yes, I’d want the full trackpad experience available on the Brydge vs. the Apple MK. But, the larger trackpad of the Brydge would be most welcome. I also like the magnetic mounting connection of the Brydge, hopefully like the MK. But, the Brydge still needs to be charged as it is a BlueTooth connection vs. a direct connection? If so why Brydge? I also have to point out that the Brydge keyboard probably does not have a extra power port imbedded like the MK. Though honestly I have not used mine. I’d like the MK’s to be fully functional as good/functional as the port on the iPad itself. Maybe that is not possible?


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May 19, 2015
AppleInsider had a review and mentioned that it is still a Bluetooth connection with improved cursor lag. But it magnetically attaches and ditches the hinges.
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