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    Dec 9, 2015
    Is it a coincidence that I'm seeing my calendar automatically create events it's tried to guess from piecing together sentences in my SMS messages? I've no idea if this is a new High Sierra feature but it's only happened to me since updating.

    Note, I'm not clicking any underlined days to create events. I was aware of this feature. And I was aware that the Mail app suggested events based on emails. These new events that are appearing in my calendar under a calendar called 'found in Natural Language' is new to me.

    The thing is, these aren't appearing in the system calendar and I can't find any preferences about it or mention. I only see them in the Fantastical app, which is pulling its events from my iCloud calendar, as is my system calendar. Doesn't make sense to me.

    Anyone care to shed some light?

    As I mentioned, these events have their 'calendar' item listed as 'found in natural language'. They come with a url that begins with 'sms://' which pretty much confirms they're coming from SMS messages. But clicking the link does nothing. The events it's predicted are hit and miss and often vague. But they're still impressive at times as they've clearly pulled together a time and purpose from different sentences in the SMS and decided it was calendar-worthy (which it isn't always).
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    Dec 9, 2015
    Is nobody else seeing this? Or can anybody confirm this was already a feature? I'm intrigued as I don't know how Fantastical is sourcing this information from my iCloud caldev account and the system calendar isn't?

    Just now I was texting a friend about potentially seeing him at a conference at the weekend. My calendar in Fantastical has automatically created an event called 'Conference' on Saturday alongside the actual conference event I made earlier. It, again, is under a calendar I can't access anywhere else called 'Found in Natural Language'.

    (Note: the conference event was mentioned in one text and seeing my friend on Saturday was in another. Whatever's making these events pieced the two texts together to assume there's a conference on Saturday)
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    Dec 9, 2015
    I've found the first mention of something in the system which could relate to this. Under Siri preferences, you can enable or disable 'messages' as an app that Siri 'will learn from and make suggestions based on'. Sure enough, when I untick it the events in Fantastical disappear.

    There is a system calendar preference for 'Show Siri Found in Apps Calendar'. This seems to have no effect on these SMS events. It's ticked and not showing anything in the system calendar.

    A lot remains a mystery. My best guess so far is that it's a half-finished implementation that wasn't designed to be available to the system, but that Fantastical has somehow picked up on.
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    I was wondering, what this „Siri found in apps“ calendar does. There have never been any events in it.
    For me, creating events based on mails or messages, would be a nice feature.
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    Dec 9, 2015
    Could you tell me where you're seeing this calendar? I've gone into my system calendar and iCloud and there's no mention of it other than a checkbox for "Show Siri Found in Apps Calendar" in the preferences. But check and unchecking it does nothing.

    I think Mail already proposed calendar events based on emails in your inbox in previous macOS releases? It wasn't automatic, it just suggested you might want to add something at the end of the email. Messages already underlined dates and you could click (or tap on touch devices) to create a calendar event.

    This feature, though, where Siri attempts to piece together a time, action and person through different sentences in an SMS seems to be new. I still think it's an unfinished feature that got brief mentions in some PR material but was cut off from actually appearing in this release as it's a bit erratic*. Somehow, a third-party app that was made long before this (Fantastical v1) is finding this seemingly invisible calendar in iCloud and displaying its events. Perhaps this 'found in Natural Language' calendar is for Mail as well. I don't use the Mail app so haven't seen whether it automatically adds events now.

    *As I previously mentioned, while the automatic calendar events have been impressive, the success rate of being 50/50 in accuracy doesn't quite feel like it's showtime yet. It's interpreting turns of phrase with no specifics intended as literal events. And it's put an event as Saturday when the SMS said "Saturday or Sunday".
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    Not macOS, just iOS, but I did just find one mention of this on Google from back in July. One person seems to suggest a calendar called "Siri found in apps" is visible in their system calendar, the other seems to suggest it's not, despite the preference checkbox being ticked. I'm filling in a few gaps here but that seems to be the sentiment.

    While it isn't macOS, I'd imagine that the calendar source is the same, so it's possibly relevant.
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    I believe I’ve found the setting that causes this. Try navigating to Settings -> Siri & Search -> Messages, and then toggling off Search, Suggestions, & Shortcuts. This removed all of the random events I was seeing in Awesome Calendar.

    The frustrating thing about this “feature” is that there is no option to edit or remove the created event from the calendar.

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