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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by jmrpage, Apr 28, 2006.

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    i have a fuji s5000 that i hate . i shoot all fast action photos like motorcross , dragracing and circle track racing and i am looking to buy a slr camera . i do not know verymuch about cameras or photography at all i just think it is fun . the problem that i have had has been lagtime and blurry pics . here is what i am looking at for a new camera . pentax ist dl with 18-55 lens for $599 , nikon d50 with 28-80 lens for $ 599 , the cannon rebel xt with 18-55 lens for $899 after $100 rebate and the nikon d70 with 18-70 lens for $999 . what would be the best bang for the buck for what i am doing . thanks
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    Let me give you some advice my photography teacher gave me:

    "it's not always the camera that matters, it's the type of lens you use that gives you the results you want"

    So... I'm a Nikon freak. I swear by them. Never had a problem, small learning curve coming from film, etc. I personally use the D70s and the D200. I can't say much for the D50, except for you, it would probably be good for starting out. What's really nice though is the interchangable lenses that you can get with Nikon (and Canon) cameras. Not to mention that if you decide later that the D50 is getting "old" to you, the lenses you buy will probably work with a newer Nikon later down the road. (that's the beauty point, having 5 or more lenses and then only having to buy the body unit when you want to upgrade).

    So yeah, the D50 is "probably" a good choice if you want ease of use and the ability to upgrade later.

    Oh, and as for the blurry pics, it may be aperture related. Your f/stop and shutter speed detirmine if you catch that motorcycle in midair or if you get one solid blur across your frame. I think that the 28-70 that comes with the Nikon D50/D70 is 3.5-5 f/stop so in dark conditions you may still get a *little* blur.

    Lol, now I'm rambling. Been up like 23 hours shooting, working my other job, processing images, running errands, and a whole hord of other stuff. So let me know if something needs clarified.


    EDIT: The D50 lens kit comes with a 18-55 lens with 3.5-5 ED lens. It's the D70 that comes with the 28-70 f/3.5 lens. It's way too late, or early, whatever!

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