New camera or updated Canon A70?

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    Aug 5, 2003
    Hi, I've used a Canon powershot A70 since last december and have been happy with the performance, easy of use but sometimes I get those light points along the photo, you know, like when you have a 640*480 pic and scale it 2x ... it's been a disaster for once-life moment pictures, at that point I have had to test under a lot of different conditions to catch the right settings up... the other point is close-up pictures, when you wish a 28mm lens, it only has a 35 mm, I don't know if I miss something but that's pretty a lot, IMO. should I get a converter ? (120 EUR with adapter), will that have a bad influence in picture quality? at the other side, over 105 mm, I have to use the digital zoom, which sucks, any good camera by the 210 mm range? what about those which go till 370 mm? is the quality at that point lower? ... hope to get help soon... thanks!
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    Mar 21, 2004
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    Get a Minolta Z3 It has 12x optical zoom thats the equivlant of 420 mm lens on a regular camera. ALso it has a macro and a super macro so you can get as close as about 1 inch maybe even more I forget. I have the minolta z2 and it works great so the Z3 should be fine.

    Check for prices.


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