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Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by diane143, May 8, 2012.

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    I have an Apline CDM-9801 deck in my car, which was purchased so I could play my then-new 3rd Gen iPod 40gb in it. That worked fine for years, with that and my 1st gen Touch. When I got the iPhone 4s though, I could play but not charge. My original cable was the Monster iCharge low profile. What I didn't know until last night though, is that the Monster cable (and pix and the original packaging don't even show this) is a 2 port RCA cable.

    My deck needs to use a special cable to allow for the aux input (see link to pic below). I've been successfully paying the phone through the car, but when I use GPS it kills the battery and I really needed to find a play/charge solution.

    This is what I ordered
    Kensington 2 in 1 charger and audio cable

    Awesome news - it fits with my Otterbox Commuter. It charges. It plays!!

    Here is the problem with the old cable:

    New cable has one port, as do most that I see. I had no idea my old Monster Cable had two inputs until we pulled the deck out and unwrapped everything.

    So I can only plug into one RCA and I only get sound out of one side of the car. I can select right side or left though. :rolleyes:

    Will this work to give me all my speakers back?

    Any thoughts on how to fix this without buying a newer deck? (I'm already going to have to buy a new deck for my other car). I did look at the adapters that would let my old cable charge, but it just seemed like it would have too much weight hanging off the dock.


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    Use a charge adapter. It's what I use in one of my cars.

    EDIT: Sorry, missed that last paragraph the first time.

    The Kensington has one plug. The plug is stereo (indicated by the two black "bands" on the plug). You'd need a stereo 3.5mm to stereo RCA adapter if you want to use the Kensington solution with the Aux adapter for your existing head unit.
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    Thanks! So that Mediabridge should work!

    What do you think about the adapter and which one did you try? My phone is in a holder so everything hangs below it. Even though I wire tied it up, there is still some weight on it. I don't really want to cause damage to the dock. If the phone just lay on the seat or in a console it wouldn't worry me as much.

    The cable Y adapter is still my first choice. I also like that the Kensington works with my case! :)

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    Oct 25, 2008
    Picked up the Y adapter at Radio Shack for $5 - works - yay! :)
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    May 1, 2012
    Yea, there are some really cheap and good ones I found on amazon.

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