New car with bluetooth, can I upload my contacts from iphone via bluetooth?

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    Jul 7, 2004
    I just got a new car and was very much looking forward to a full and complete integration with my iphone. However, I am unable to transfer my contact lists via bluetooth. (AFAIK, it is the only way to get the contacts to the car). Now, I still can use the phone, but I can't load any numbers into the phone book which kinda is a bummer.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Sorry, I have a C300 Mercedes. However, I think it is the phone not allowing the transfer, not the car's system.

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    Nov 15, 2009
    would be nice to know what kind of car you drive, since each car's bluetooth capibility is different. for example, my acura tsx, the base model which i have does not allow user to transfer contacts all from phoen to the car, i msut do it one by one by voice, but the tech version allows you to transfer the whole contact list into the car.
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    2011 Mercedes Comand System

    Has anyone had any luck getting their iPhone running iOS 4.x to send over their contacts list to the Mercedes Comand system?

    The BT works great, but even the sales guy could not get our phone's contact lists to transfer. Some websites suggest that it used to work with iOS 3.x, but that there's an issue with iOS 4.
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    A quick search I found that the best way to get your contacts in your benz is to export your contacts to a vcf file. Save this file to an SD card and then insert the card in your benz system to import. PITA but not seeing a more fluid way.

    Edit: Found this on MB website.

    Why are the contacts of my Iphone not shown into my Mercedes-Benz phone system?

    Probably the sychronisation is deactivated. You will find this option at your IPhone under Settings, General, Bluetooth, select your Mercedes-Benz phone system (MB Bluetooth) and select "more" while activating the arrow. "Sync Contacts" has to be switched on.
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    Yes, a PIA, since you have to buy a compatible PCMCIA adapter for the SD card. I was hoping that the "bug" had been squished so that the iOS 4 had the capablities of iOS 3. ;)
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    ipone to car via bluetooth

    is there any other answer to this question?
    hello to all from a newbie to this forum.
    we have a Lexus RX330, and have sent phone numbers via bluetooth from a previous Nokia phone without a hitch.
    We now have iphone 4's, and I discover I can't send my new number via bluetooth to the phone directory in the Lexus.
    Glad to learn I'm not alone. Are there any other ideas out there?
    Cheers to all, j

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