New Cloud Printing For Your iOS Devices

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    Apr 11, 2009
    We just launched our new Cloud Printing service for our ActivePrint customers! This free service lets you print from your iPad or iPhone to your printer no matter where you are or where your printer is.

    Have you ever been at home with your iPad and wanted to print out a document or an article on your printer at the office? Or have you ever been on the road and taken a picture with your iPhone and wanted it printed on your printer back home? With ActivePrint Cloud Printing you can do that without having to wait until you're near your printer.

    Simply install our free PC app on your Windows PC, and it will turn your printer into an ActivePrint Cloud Printer! We are currently working on a Mac OSX version, which should be done within a few weeks and available for anyone using Snow Leopard or newer.

    Check it out on the AppStore. We have a free Lite version that let's you try it out with limited functionality:
    It can be upgraded to full functionality through an In App Purchase of $3.99 (USD)

    We also have a full Pro version available for $3.99 (USD):

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