New Computer + Blu-ray Burner + Video Editors/Blu-ray Creation Software??

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    Hey all,

    I am looking to replace my prehistoric iMac sometime in the coming months with either a new iMac or PC. I do like the compact nature of the iMac... but I'm not sure if a PC would have better options, etc. -- I need some advice for what I should go with for what stuff I primarily will be doing with it. Excuse me if I ramble a bit but here we go...

    Basically what I am looking to do primarily with my computer is to make movies/video projects and burn them to Blu-ray discs, edit and mix audio tracks, keep an extensive iTunes library and have a software with the ability to design and print professional looking disc artwork stickers and case artwork for my projects (I used to have a program and stickering/labeling equipment made by Avery back in my high school days). Back in my early DVD production days... the programs iMove HD (with its awesome but effective simplicity) and iDVD (with the ability to make several menus with custom music tracks, chapter selection, etc. etc.) and the Avery labeling program I previous mentioned, had served me very well. They didn't always look 100% professional but for an early student project, it certainly didn't look too shabby.

    Basically that's the key here... I'm looking to create as professional looking Blu-ray movies without the use of super complex programs. I bought Final Cut Express years ago but once I opened it and took a look at the interface, I found that too complicated and daunting. Maybe I was just too young? I don't know... but compared to iMove HD, it looked fairly challenging to grasp. I'm not too fond of the current version of iMovie on the Mac compared to the very old version... but I manage. I'm not sure if there's any better and easier to use software out there (for Mac or PC or both) that would allow for professional and simple video file production. From there, I am looking to import my movie into a Blu-ray creation software that not only looks professional (I am basically trying to emulate a Disney DVD or Blu-ray in menu design quality here) but is also easy enough to use. I want to have customizable menus with a Play button, Chapters or Scenes button that I can select and name etc. (similar to iDVD), perhaps even a link to a Bonus Features menu, etc. etc. I also need a good Blu-ray burner to whip my projects off with... I'm just wondering if PC offers better video production software than a Mac does. Or if I can stick with Mac without much hassle in doing so. And finally... I'll be in need of some label design and print software for my disc artwork and case artwork. Does anybody know anything good for that? My old Avery one came with a little sticker to disc placer thing that you could put the sticker face down on the base and the disc face down on the center pedestal and then press down and the sticker would fix perfectly dead-center to the disc. It was quite handy... so something like that would be good!

    Does anything exist like this in 4K yet? Or is Blu-ray as far as we've come for that??

    If those who can offer assistance could link me to systems, hardware and software that they think could get these projects done... and maybe provide a little information on them... that would be amazing!

    Thanks in advance for any advice and tips everyone!
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    Blu-ray is kinda dying out, most high res content is easier to distribute via digital media, but for authoring and burning of blu-ray look at these, see if anyone suits your needs.

    DVDFab Blu-ray Creator,
    Leawo Blu-ray Creator,
    Xilisoft Blu-ray Creator,

    Aiseesoft Blu-ray Creator
    Roxio Toast
    Blu-ray creator for Mac

    I always had problems with avery labels, vibrations and many players threw them back out if they played them at all. I went to inkjet printable blanks, and those looked better and were much more reliable.
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    Kind of surprised that anyone is "all in" with DVD's in today's world... I haven't burned or used one since about 2012. So, sorry, can't help there. My only suggestion is that there's a free trial of Final Cut Pro X that's fully functional for 30 days, so you could "audition" it and see what you think. It has changed completely since the old days of Final Cut Express.

    For an "extensive iTunes library", have you considered keeping that on a separate machine? I have a Mac Mini that is dedicated as an iTunes server (just runs iTunes 24/7 with home sharing and the library on a big external drive). This lets me access all my media on two Apple TV's, two Macs and an iPad without placing any additional load on my editing system or keeping it powered up. My iTunes library includes about 3500 songs, 750 movies and 600 tv episodes.

    B&H Photo is blowing out new 2014 2.8ghz/8gb/1tb Fusion Mini's for $529 right now, so I just got one to replace my old server and it's great (Apple sells the same model in the refurb store for $849). But you could use just about any old Mac as an iTunes server, it doesn't need a lot of power for that.
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    I use an LG external USB slim Blu-Ray burner with my 2012 Mac Mini. It's a pretty solid, reliable disc drive, and certainly better than Apple's external USB SuperDrive. I have had luck burning a couple of Blu-Rays with Roxio MyDVD Pro (largely when we threw a surprise party for my mother's 60th birthday and I filmed it with my AVCHD camcorder and made Blu-Ray copies of the video), but it is a little limited in terms of menu creation and such, and hasn't been updated for a while.

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