New Contacts Added To Exchange Rather Than iCloud?

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    I noticed in my settings for contacts the default account was set to a recently added exchange account rather than iCloud. Any contact that I have added in the two months or so since I added the exchange account does not pull up under iCloud. I have switched the default settings around so it will go back to iCloud. So it should be fixed from now going forward, but how do I move the new contacts that I put in that accidentaly defaulted to the exchange account over to the correct iCloud account? Any thoughts? Thanks.
  2. campyguy macrumors 68040

    Mar 21, 2014
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    The only method I use is to use the Mac's built-in Contacts app. I also have Outlook 2011 as an option, but Outlook syncs to the built-in Contacts app for non-Exchange-account contacts.

    Open up both accounts in Contacts, then, from the Sidebar, drag your contacts group to a location of your choice on your Mac - I use the Desktop. The result will be a vCard (.vcf) file.

    Then, drag that vCard file to the iCloud account icon in the Contacts app Sidebar - you'll be asked whether you want to add those cards. I'm assuming you'll choose "Yes". You're almost done.

    Exchange and iCloud contacts are formatted differently, with different form fields, so you may opt to change some of that data. Your Mac and iOS devices handle both without issue.

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